Sunday, August 29, 2021

Some DIY Russiagate - Whence John Durham?

 It's been quite a while, but the big question remains, what is John Durham up to. Will it be a bang or a bust. Will AG Garland allow it to be released if it's a bang?

Say, whatever happened to John Durham? – HotAir

Trump speaks to radio silence from John Durham - Washington Examiner

Witnesses grouse about Garland's handling of Durham inquiry: Report -  ashington Examiner

The Durham Report Is a Glacier: Slow Moving But Potentially Devastating – PJ Media

Report: Durham exploring charges against low-level FBI officials and tipsters - TheHill

DOJ inspector general cannot identify FBI leaks regarding Clinton server in lead-up to 2016 election - Fox News

Nunes sees 'challenge' in Garland attempting to 'bury' Durham report - Washington Examiner

Durham Grand Jury Investigating If Someone Presented FBI With Fabricated Evidence in 2016 Russia Probe - Conservative Brief

John Durham grand jury seeks documents, witness testimony - The Washington Post

About That WSJ Report of the Durham Probe Investigating FBI Tipsters - The Last Refuge

Still in the game: Will Durham's report throw a slow curveball at key political players? - TheHill

Senate Republicans demand Durham report be made public - Fox News

Forty-four Republican senators demand Durham report be made public - TheHill

Senate Republicans Urge Attorney General To Release Durham Report

Oh, So That's Why the DOJ Inspector General Couldn't Find the FBI Leakers from 2016 by Matt Vespa

Hillary Clinton's old campaign law firm uses China excuse to avoid Carter Page lawsuit - Just The News

Judge Andrew Napolitano Fired by Fox News Following Sexual Harassment Claims by Young Male Staff - The Last Refuge

Devin Nunes files defamation suit against MSNBC host Rachel Maddow

Devin Nunes expects Washington Post deposition in defamation lawsuit - Washington Examiner

Clinton Lawyer Featured In Steele Dossier Scandal Opens Firm With Focus On Ethics and Campaign Disclosures – JONATHAN TURLEY

Clinton Lawyer Featured In Steele Dossier Scandal Opens Firm With Focus On Ethics and Campaign Disclosures - ZeroHedge

Crooked Clinton Lawyer Who Paid for Steele Dossier Opens New Firm ‘Because Our Democracy Is at Risk' – PJ Media

Chicago trying to block a $1M tax rebate on Trump building

Trump accountants must turn over some tax records to House panel, federal judge rules - Fox News

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