Thursday, August 12, 2021

Great Moments in Hypocrisy

 At Da Wire, Private Jets Inbound For Obama’s Birthday Party Clogged Martha’s Vineyard Airport and at NYPo, Private jets and no masks — how Obama’s party was height of elite hypocrisy

For someone who prides himself on optics, Barack Obama just gave us quite an ugly spectacle.

As the rest of America struggles with uncertain employment status and school reopenings, shifting mask mandates, anxiety over vaccinations and variants, the health of the economy and the citizenry at large, Obama had to go and throw himself a huge, epic, three-day birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard.

You would think a former president — one who clearly considers himself more intelligent and sensitive than most — would exercise some restraint.

Or at least understand that this was a supremely bad look.

Here were a host of left-leaning eco-warrior celebs, all Obama’s “close friends,” of course, descending on an already understaffed and emotionally depleted Vineyard.

“His birthday party is insane,” one of Obama’s caterers told The Post last week. “What is he thinking?”

Clearly, Obama thought to do whatever he damn well pleased — even after such backlash caused him to effectively cancel his party.
And now? From Ace, Covid Cases In Dukes County, MA -- Where Martha's Vinyard Is Located, Ground Zero for Obama's Celebrity-Studded Super-Spreader Soiree -- Rise +1,829%, "Nice going, Shit Midas. You are performing up to expectations."

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