Friday, August 13, 2021

Beach Report 8/13/21

Another hot, humid day, a little overcast, but without the benefit of much breeze. A typical August day in Slower Maryland. Georgia begged off on account of the heat, so Skye and I were on our own.
This Red-Spotted Purple stopped nearby to try to find some moisture in the damp sand.
The tide was very low, so Skye and I made it around the boulders above Matoaka, to no particular avail. I found no shark's teeth up there, although I ended up with 22 unremarkable teeth, a drum's tooth, a couple of stingray barbs, and a fragodile for the day.
Barely visible in the above photo (assuming you clicked on it to see it full size), one of the local GBH.
Skye and I took at page out of Georgia's playbook, and stayed to cool off in the stream between Calvert Beach and Matoaka Cottages. 
While we rested this Common Buckeye stopped by for a drink too.
Eventually, it got around to a full display.

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