Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Election 2020: Maricopa Report on the Horizon

The horrifying news out of Afghanistan continues to dominate the news and drown out other subjects, and yet I persist.

From sundance at CTH, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann Confirms Audit Firms Preparing Draft Report

According to OAN news, the report is likely to be released the week of August 22nd. “The team of forensic auditors in Arizona are set to release their preliminary report on fraud in the 2020 election next week. According to reports Sunday, state auditors will release their early findings the week of August 22.”
Week of Aug. 22? That's coming right up, although I've become accustomed to such things being later than forecast. What will it say? Why speculate; soon enough we'll know.

At least four incumbent House Democrats with districts rooted in Detroit and its surrounding suburbs could see their 2022 reelection bids threatened by the map of reapportioned congressional and state legislative seats due Nov. 1 from the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. Ironically, Democrats might have more easily avoided the potential for such a disastrous outcome had the decennial redistricting process been left in the hands of Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Republican-controlled Michigan Legislature
Fox, Voter fraud concerns: California city councilman, 5 others facing charges, "At least three improper ballots were discovered, allegedly affecting the outcome of the runoff, authorities say", but election fraud is a myth?

Miranda Devine at  NYPo claims FBI dodged Ilhan Omar-‘bro’ wed probe. Heaven forbid they should do anything that might upset the Democrat majority in the House.  But they arrested the person making the claim.
Special Agent Joy Hess, from the FBI’s Twin Cities field office, which investigated allegations that Omar married her brother Elmi to get around US immigration laws, says the “statute of limitations” had run out on the case. In a recorded conversation with an associate of Lazarro, posted on his website Wednesday, Hess also said the FBI could not pursue the case because Omar’s ex-husband Elmi had moved overseas.

“The statute of limitations is over,” she said. “According to the US Attorney’s office The Statute of Limitations is not something we can overcome in that matter … The individual in question left the country so there’s nothing to [do].”

Asked if the new DNA evidence would be considered, she said: “All I can just say is that according to the United States Attorney’s Office the Statute of Limitations limits what we can do in this matter.”

There is no statute of limitations for immigration fraud, but there also appears to be no appetite in Democrat-run Minneapolis to investigate the claim that has dogged Democratic “Squad” member Omar for years.
As damaging news stories continue to break on both sides, will Twitter once again censor that which pierces the liberal narrative and look the other way when it comes to politically beneficial leaks? That may be the case if history has any indication. Twitter’s share of the marketplace of ideas grows ever larger and influential, making these recent despotic actions that much more alarming.

Julie Kelly at Am Great,  thinks January 6 was a Distraction from Afghanistan, Other Crises "How top officials traded the security and stability of Afghanistan, and by extension, America, to instead promote unfounded fears about white domestic terrorists." I didn't work; we noticed.

Was the catastrophe in Afghanistan avoidable? Probably. Is there any doubt that the unjustified obsession with January 6 and farcical hunt for “domestic terrorists” across the country helped deplete the limited attention span of Washington’s ruling class and set the stage for this tragedy? No.

Plenty of questions will be asked in the aftermath of the rapid fall of Afghanistan. How top officials traded the security and stability of Afghanistan, and by extension, America, to instead promote unfounded fears about white domestic terrorists should be at the top of the list. 

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