Monday, August 23, 2021

Election 2020: Minor Updates

A wee bit: At JTN, Pennsylvania GOP senators' internal battle over imperiled forensic election audit goes public "‘Unfortunately, it’s not just Democrats who stand in the way of this investigation,’ Sen. Doug Mastriano says." Threats to decertify the voting machines are working. If the the machines can be hacked by auditors, they can be hacked by Democrats too. And the AP is now harping on What’s wrong with Arizona’s 2020 audit? A lot, experts say. Left leaning experts no doubt. The rest don't get a voice. What do they fear?

Matt Vespa at Town Hall on the 15 million "missing" absentee ballots around the US, With That Staggering Figure, How Could You Not Question the 2020 Mail-In Voting Process. WJ, RNC Report: Democrats Exploited COVID to Change Election Rules That Helped Biden Win 2020, which is why the push is on to cement those rule changes in place. Rick Manning at Am Great urges us to Reject the Federal Takeover of Elections—Again. It's now something we have to keep a constant watch on. Schumer almost snuck it in one night, but Ted Cruz caught him at it. At Da Wire, ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ Is Imaginary – And Divisive, and from PM, NYC councilman says vaccine ID is important to prevent fraud, but voter ID is 'civil rights violation.' Logical consistency has never been a virtue in politics. 

Christian Datoc at WaEx reports that Republicans optimistic Afghanistan chaos will win them Senate races in Arizona, Georgia, and New Hampshire. It should, but you can't relax. 

As TNP reminds us, FBI “Finds Scant Evidence” Of Jan 6 Insurrection Plot, Killing Off Another Anti-Trump Media Hoax.. Thomas Lifson at Am Think thinks (no, not yet) that Tucker Carlson sees coverup plot behind announcement FBI found little evidence of coordination among Jan. 6 demonstrators. Are they covering up their involvement? It's sad not the trust the FBI, but they have not proven themselves trustworthy. 

Paul Bradford at Am Great discourses on The ‘American Taliban’ Bogeyman
The Department of Homeland Security issued a terror advisory ahead of the upcoming 9/11 anniversary just as Afghanistan collapsed. The advisory didn’t warn of Islamic terrorism or foreign threats—it warned of Americans who question official narratives. Two of the trends DHS identified as potential causes of terror were “opposition to COVID measures” and “claims of election fraud.” So if you don’t like vax mandates and feel there was something fishy in the 2020 election, you might be a terrorist! The federal government is certainly more worried about you than the actual Taliban.

There were also respected commentators who bemoaned how the Afghan situation distracted us from the real threat of white Americans. Political scientist Ian Bremmer told Bloomberg that the “principal terror threat to the United States is actually internal . . . it’s threats from white supremacy.” This is what the “experts” believe.

Andrea Widburg at Am Think thinks about If you want to know how much the Deep State hates you... read these tweets from Michael Hayden.

And news from the real insurrection from NYPo, Portland protesters clash in wild shootout after Proud Boys reunion.

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