Monday, August 30, 2021

Election 2020: In the Eye of the Storm

A very light morning, between the Afghanistan debacle and the horror of Hurricane Ida.

Insty upon reading Jonathon Turley's essay on Ashli Babbitt's killer, DC Capitol Cop Lt. Michael Byrd: JONATHAN TURLEY: Shooter of Ashli Babbit Makes Shocking Admission:

In the eyes of the establishment — including those silent “law professors and experts” — she deserved to die because she was a Trump supporter. It’s all about that.

Plus, the usual apparatchik entitlement: “Politico reported that Byrd previously was subjected to a disciplinary review when he left his Glock 22 service weapon in a bathroom in the Capitol Visitor Center complex. He reportedly told other officers that his rank as a lieutenant and his role as commander of the House chambers section would protect him and that he expected to ‘be treated differently.'”

Well, he wasn’t wrong. But he should pay.

He is as guilty of negligent homicide at Dereck Chauvin, by his own admission.  Jordan Davidson at Da Fed rubs it in, FLASHBACK: Capitol Police Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Left His Gun Unattended In A Bathroom In 2019 “It was a terrible mistake. I acknowledged it. I owned up to it, accepted the responsibility. I was penalized for it and I moved on,” Jack Dunphy at PJ Media, Capitol Police Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Speaks (but Shouldn't Have). It's generally a bad idea to talk to cops or journalists. 

Understand that it is not only Byrd himself who will be accused in the wrongful death suit yet to be filed. His department will also be named when the suit is brought in the jurisdiction the plaintiffs choose, and in speaking with Holt, Byrd exposed some departmental deficiencies a jury may see as having contributed to Babbitt’s death.

Kevin Downey at PJ Media, Bad Words and Desperation: Democrats Flail to Keep January 6 Relevant

Rather than pack it in and look for a new distraction, or focus on REAL terrorists killing American soldiers in Afghanistan, Nancy Pelosi clings to January 6 like an alien face-hugger. Now, in a new and frankly embarrassing low, seven Capitol cops are suing President Trump over the January 6 protest turned mini-riot.

From the text of the lawsuit: 
“Because of Defendants’ unlawful actions, Plaintiffs were violently assaulted, spat on, tear-gassed, bear-sprayed, subjected to racial slurs and epithets, and put in fear for their lives. Plaintiffs’ injuries, which Defendants caused, persist to this day.”
“Racial slurs and epithets, and put in fear for their lives” is hysterical. It shows the Democrats are still on their crazed mission to prove Trump supporters are racists goobers, and suggests well-armed riot cops can’t take being called bad names. Furthermore, as a Trump supporter, can I still drink my coffee black or should I call it “oppressed”?

The lawsuit is not only going after Trump, it also targets his campaign, adviser Roger Stone, a group called “Stop the Steal,” the Oath Keepers, and the Proud Boys.

FACT-O-RAMA! The U.S. Supreme Court would not allow a police officer who suffered a brain injury, a loss of teeth, and a broken jaw, all resulting from a brick thrown by BLM rioters, to sue BLM. This was a fortunate decision for the Marxist BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who appears to be collecting houses like Beanie Babies. Cullors recently left BLM when her compadres wanted to know where she got the mad stacks to pay for five mansions.

If a cop who was injured so severely that he sustained brain damage can’t sue BLM, what are the odds the seven Capitol cops will win their lawsuit regarding pepper spray and naughty names? Pretty good. The left takes care of their own.

Brent Hamachek at HE, Gone Fishing: House January 6th Inquisition Seeks Trump Emails, HE’s Jack Posobiec Makes the List!. So the Democrats are going after unfriendly journalists now. 

In his Twitter feed Wednesday, Posobiec said of the matter, “It’s clear they are after my sources. Not giving them up. Don’t care what letter they send me. It’s not happening. Not afraid to take a stand to protect these patriots…Democrats think every patriot is involved in some deep secret organized plot orchestrated from the top because that’s how they themselves operate.”

Russel La Valle at Am Great tracks The Progressive Campaign to Keep White Americans Hating Themselves

From JTN, Texas House passes election reform measure after months of delays "Passage comes roughly six months after the Senate bill was filed and after Democrats fled the state for nearly six weeks to stall passage." Bringing the Delta variant to Washington DC, and vacationing in Belgium.

Bad news for "Resting Smug Face" Gavin Newsome, as, according to Breitbart, Federal Judge Says California Recall Is Constitutional, which makes sense, because it's actually in California's Constitution. Not that that would ordinarily sway a Federal judge, especially one appointed by Democrats. 

Plaintiff plainly feels disgruntled that a replacement candidate with a small plurality might replace a sitting governor who, based on a robust “No” vote, might well have beaten that same replacement candidate in a general election. As that may be, such disgruntlement raises no federal constitutional issues and certainly does not give the federal judiciary the right to halt the mammoth undertaking of this gubernatorial recall election. No one suggests that a state constitutional mechanism for recall is in itself unconstitutional. If the possibility for recall exists, then a means for selecting a successor must be specified. No doubt, it would be cheaper and simpler to replace a sitting governor with the lieutenant governor. But for over one hundred years, California has chosen a different procedure. The United States Constitution does not prevent that.

I wonder if a judge will go along with this one, at Da Fed, Fraudulent Candidate Terry McAuliffe Didn’t Follow VA Election Law And A New Lawsuit Could Boot Him Off The Ballot. He didn't bother to sign the papers to file for the position. I know, it seems a little silly, but who hasn't been denied something from the government because the paperwork wasn't done right?

Gabe Kaminsky at Da Fed, Chicago GOP Chairman: Adam Kinzinger Is ‘Unpopular’ And Won’t Win A Primary. Votes have consequences. 

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