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Election 2020: Catching up with the Texas Fleebaggers

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From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.13.21 (Afternoon Edition), at Louder with Crowder, the Texas Senate Passes Voter ID Bill After Futile 15-Hour Democrat Filibuster. Meanwhile, AllahPundit at Hot Hair reports a Manhunt: Texas House sergeant-at-arms and cops now searching for fleebaggers at their homes. They're pretty much humiliated at this point.

Of course, the point of issuing arrest warrants isn’t really to arrest them. It’s to raise the political cost of holding out by making their refusal to return to work look increasingly ridiculous to the public. If we’ve reached the point where the sergeant-at-arms has to go to their homes to ask them to stop playing hooky, we’ve reached the point of farce. This is all about shaming them, or at least a critical mass of them, into getting back to work knowing that they don’t have the numbers to stop the voting bill from passing. That’s how this will end, I’m sure, with a grudging capitulation.

But it’d be nice if we could have just one arrest on camera before it does. They deserve it.

WaT, Mike Lindell ends Cyber Symposium without proving stolen election claim.  At JOM,  My Pillow Guys Looking For New Experts?

Awkward moment: The cyber-sleuths hired by My Pillow guy Mike Lindell to help Stop The Steal can't back his story.
EXCLUSIVE: Cyber expert says his team can’t prove Mike Lindell’s claims that China hacked election

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — The cyber expert on the “red team” hired by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell now says the key data underpinning the theory that China hacked the 2020 election unveiled at the Cyber Symposium is illegitimate.

Mr. Lindell said he had 37 terabytes of “irrefutable” evidence that hackers, who he said were backed by China, broke into election systems and switched votes in favor of President Biden. The proof, he said, is visible in intercepted network data or “packet captures” that were collected by hackers and could be unencrypted to reveal that a cyberattack occurred and that votes were switched.

But cyber expert Josh Merritt, who is on the team hired by Mr. Lindell to interrogate the data for the symposium, told The Washington Times that packet captures are unrecoverable in the data and that the data, as provided, cannot prove a cyber incursion by China.

“So our team said, we’re not going to say that this is legitimate if we don’t have confidence in the information,” Mr. Merritt said on Wednesday, the second day of the symposium.

Mr. Merritt’s break from Mr. Lindell accelerated the unraveling of the MyPillow millionaire’s months of spinning of a conspiracy theory that he said would reverse the outcome of the 2020 election and restore former President Donald Trump to the White House.
Well, the expert is not definitively saying that hacking did NOT occur, which will probably help some people Keep Hope Alive.

A smoking gun, but no shell cases. Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Why are RINOs standing in the way of a full Forensic Audit in Michigan? The voters are demanding it because they have no confidence in their elections after the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election Scam. Michigan’s Republican State Legislators should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this horrible situation to happen


The people of Wisconsin are lucky to have a strong and great leader like Representative Janel Brandtjen, who issued subpoenas for Brown (Green Bay) and Milwaukee Counties, and all of their election evidence and so-called results. Wisconsin shows many (to put it mildly) signs of cheating in the 2020 election, and people want answers, now. We still don’t know why Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, a New Yorker, had multiple keys to the Election Day counting rooms, and a City of Green Bay employee ID when records show he was never employed by Green Bay. A Milwaukee election employee even acknowledged dropping off just the margin of ballots needed for a Biden win at 3:00AM.

Sundance at CTH has a slightly different take on recent revelations that Trump pushed DOJ officials to fully investigate voter fraud than we've seen from the MSM, Internal DOJ Emails Show Career Left-Wing Officials Fighting DOJ and FBI Efforts to Review Allegations of Election Fraud in Georgia

Deputy AG David Bowditch -a man of dubious character and sketchy disposition himself – then forwards the email to his Chief Legal Counsel for advice. The excerpt below [full pdf here] shows the perspective of the DOJ (Bowditch’s legal counsel) toward the advice of the professional bureaucrats inside Main Justice who weaponize investigations only when Democrats lose.

Considering how manipulated the election process is in the United States, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence to see in plain language the unwritten rules as expressed:

 …”essentially to allow election fraud to take its course and hope to deter such misconduct in future elections through intervening prosecutions.”

Karen Townsend at Hot Hair reports Five Senators remain undecided on re-election plans

Senator Patrick Leahy (VT) is the only Democrat who has not announced his plans. He wants to wait until this winter before making his intentions clear. The Republicans in question are Sens. Ron Johnson (WI), Chuck Grassley (IA), Lisa Murkowski (AK), and Minority Whip John Thune (SD). Republicans are defending five seats – in North Carolina with Senator Burr’s retirement, and Pennsylvania with Senator Toomey’s retirement, as well as in Ohio, Alabama, and Missouri.

Salena Zito, whom I ordinarily respect claims Liz Cheney's conservative street cred is obvious on broad range of issues. True, but now it takes more than standing in the middle of the road shouting "halt" ala WFB. We need to seriously push back against the many evil changes liberals have promulgated. Ace, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney Called Derek Chauvin a Murderer, But Attack Trump for Calling Ashli Babbit's Killer a Murderer

Adam Kinzinger said the death of George Floyd "made him sick" and then praised the "protesters:"
He said that the death of Floyd made him sick and that racism is an affront to God.
Liz Cheney called the death of George Floyd "a horrific murder," then praised the "protesters."

But both are aghast that Trump would say that the unarmed Air Force Veteran getting shot by a Capitol Hill police officer in what is at best a panic shooting and in what is at worse an execution a "murder."

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.13.21 (Afternoon Edition), Behind The Black has Today’s Blacklisted Senator, Rand Paul, blacklisted at YouTube over his WuFlu stance. Twitchy, has a BOMBSHELL! Snopes’ (you know, the group Facebook hired to fact-check YOU) co-founder BUSTED for literally being fake news

Capt. Ed at Hot Hair, Whoa: Maddow heading for MSNBC's exits -- in an election year?. Who?

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