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Election 2020: Fleebaggers Trickle Back to Texas

Going first to Twitchy, via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.19.21Legislature resumes work after enough runaway Texas House Democrats slink back to their jobs and John Sexton at Hot Hair, Quorum: Three Texas Democrats return after six week stunt

I’m not sure what this stunt actually accomplished beyond a few weeks delay and some embarrassing headlines for the Democrats involving a) how they spread COVID and b) went on vacations in the midst of their protest. Nevertheless, there are some national Democrats tweeting out praise for their efforts.

At Breitbart, Georgia Election Board Votes to Begin Review: Could Result in Takeover of Fulton County’s Elections, and AJC cited at Hot Hair, Data: 95% of eligible Georgians are registered to vote. How many of them know it, though? Gab Kaminsky at Da Fed reports a Stacey Abrams Staffer Deletes Retweet Likening US Government To Taliban. The very least we could do is oblige her and treat her like the Taliban treats women. Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.19.21 Louder With Crowder: Fat Guy Wearing Communist Hat Wants You To Know There’s No Difference Between The GOP & The Taliban

At SFGate, a Democrat Federal lawsuit seeks to stop or dramatically alter Gavin Newsom recall election. Demanding a second bite of the recall apple. It's interesting that the mail-in ballot is designed to show if the ballots is against Newsome (Breitbart). We can trust the USPS, right, if we check all the dumpsters. Were they really that clever? Twitter, 🚨 Valley Village, CA: 2 women caught on camera opening a mailbox and stealing stack of California Gov. recall election ballots.

Paul Bedard at WaEx, Exclusive: Report confirms 2020 abuses and RNC deploys 'year-round' election integrity unit. "The Republican National Committee report found several cases in which Democrats used the virus as an excuse to scuttle voter identification rules, flood mailboxes with ballots, and limit poll watching and vote-count observations." Pretty much what we already knew. But a report from the RNC won't convince anyone who's not already convinced. ET, Hill Democrats Launch Another Effort to Federalize Elections. They'll never stop until we start cheating at their level. Notthebee reporpts on how Ted Cruz saved America at 3:30 AM on Wednesday morning

Fox, Would a Republican House majority impeach Biden in 2023? "McCarthy tells Fox News the president would face impeachment 'if Biden takes an illegal action'" The Prisoners Dilemma dictates that they should.

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.19.21 The Federalist, Tristan Justice details how Rep. Jim Jordan Launches Investigation Into Federal Agencies Hiring Private Companies To Spy On Americans and at HE, Rep. Jordan Demands DHS Admit Whether it Plans to Use Contractors to ‘Spy’ on Americans’ Social Media. Of course they do. Government worker don't like to get their own hands dirty. At PJ Media, Robert Spencer thinks the Taliban Spox Gives Epic Response When Asked About Free Speech: ‘Ask Facebook’ Taliban 2.0 isn't any nicer than Taliban 1.0, but their a helluva lot more media savvy. Wa Free Bee, Twitter Automatically Recommends Users Follow Taliban Accounts. At NYPo, Washington Post under fire for suggesting Taliban incite less violence than Trump

The Washington Post has come under fire for suggesting the “strikingly sophisticated” Taliban incite less violence on social media than former President Donald Trump.

The outlet published a report Wednesday titled, “Today’s Taliban uses sophisticated social media practices that rarely violate the rules.”

The report said social media accounts run by the Taliban, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, often stayed “within the evolving boundaries of taste and content that tech companies use to police user behavior.”

As a result, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has been posting freely on Twitter and has racked up more than 326,000 followers.

Meanwhile, Trump remains banned from the platform in the wake of the Capitol riots — something which a number of conservatives have questioned and Trump himself slammed Wednesday.

Trump's fan dance regarding the next presidential election continues; Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Trump Hints at His Plans for 2024.

So did you hear about the guy who threatened to bomb the Capitol yesterday over Biden's Afghanistan clusterfuck? PJ Media, 'Active Bomb Threat' Roils U.S. Capitol. Suspect Claims Multiple Bombs Planted Around D.C. Mediaite, Stunning Video Emerges of Alleged Car Bomber Outside Library of Congress: ‘Ready to Die for the Cause’, John Sexton at Hot Hair, Man claims he has ammonium nitrate bomb outside Library of Congress, demands to speak to "Joe", what, and spoil his afternoon nap? Spencer Neal on Twitter, DC bombing suspect Ray Roseberry says there are 5 total bombs in DC that will blow up if he is shot. And then, as AP reports Man surrenders after claiming to have bomb near US Capitol, and across the pond at Da Mail, Trump supporter with a 'tannerite bomb' surrenders to police after five hour stand-off where he demanded airstrikes in Afghanistan and to speak to Joe Biden on the phone and Breitbart, Suspect in standoff near U.S. Capitol surrenders after bomb threat, but then WTOP reports No bomb in truck at Library of Congress; police clearing scene. No new reports of bombs, so this appears to have been a bluff by a right-wing loon. I await lefties call to look at extremists on both sides. But I'm not holding my breath. As Eddie Scarry at Da Fed notes The Media Wanted ‘Both Sides’ To Take Blame For James Hodgkinson. Will They Do The Same With Ray Roseberry? and has the receipts. 

Julie Kelly at Am Great continues her great work on what's happening to Jan. 6 riot participants with A Life Destroyed for ‘Parading’ at the Capitol with the story of Robert Reeder.

Reeder, like many Americans who attended Donald Trump’s speech then walked to Capitol Hill, went alone. He is a registered Democrat but supported some of Trump’s policies. The Maryland resident decided to travel to Washington on the morning of January 6, a “spur of the moment” decision, according to his attorney.

After suffering the effects of tear gas and sting balls launched by police officers outside the building—a reality the news media still refuses to cover—Reeder went inside the building to look for water to rinse his eyes. From all accounts, he was allowed into the building. While inside, Reeder marveled at the beauty of the Capitol and urged others “do not destroy anything.” He asked police how he could get out of the building as the situation between law enforcement and protesters escalated.

Reeder took selfies and videos of his experience. “I’m leaving now . . . I got tear gassed at least four times inside the Capitol . . . I saw the lady they say got shot, I walked right past her in a pool of blood,” he said in one video. “And it’s just . . . completely crazy in there.” After he entered a second time—police were not allowing protesters to exit the grounds so Reeder was looking for a way out through the building—he said in another post that he was “gassed several times . . . and shot with pepper balls.”

Although Reeder has no criminal record and prosecutors admit he did not commit any violent crime on January 6, Biden’s Justice Department wants Reeder to go to jail for two months. He pleaded guilty to one count of “parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol Building,” a common low-level charge levied against hundreds of Americans who entered the Capitol building on January 6. Prosecutors want to make an example of Reeder despite the fact he essentially turned himself in to law enforcement and quickly negotiated a plea arrangement.

and Tristan Justice has the story of a 71-Year-Old Grandmother Visited By FBI Over Attending January Trump Rally. She didn't even go in. But local leftists complained to the FBI and they came to grill her.

At PM, BREAKING: California man pleads guilty to attempted arson of Portland federal courthouse, in a "fiery but mostly peaceful protest". /sarc Up to 10 years. Will he get a pardon from the Klain/Harris administration?

Gabe Hayes at News Busters, Live Long and Promote Bigotry: Star Trek Actor Says Religious Americans ‘as Fanatical’ as the Taliban

Dan Greenfield at Front Page, While Afghanistan Fell, Military and CIA Focused on Diversity, a very strange notion of who the enemy is.

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