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Election 2020: Collins, Jan. 6th 'Insurrection' Committee a "Disappointment"

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A fairly light day to start the week. From Capt. Ed at Hot Hair, kind of an understatement from Sen. Collins: Let's face it, Pelosi's 1/6 commission is a disappointment. Ace, The Joke Congressional Investigation into the January 6th Protest Isn't Just Politics: It's Also Fear

The Boston Tea Party: Tax us without representation and we will destroy the goods meant to be taxed.

Lexington and Concord: Come take our guns and we will kill you.

The Battle of Trenton: We'll cross an icy river and kill you in your sleep. On Christmas!

Perhaps America has lost the spirit that animated its founders, but the January 6th protest was a hint of may still live in our hearts. And that scared the cowards of our government into embarrassing flights of rhetoric about how genuinely terrifying the events were...not because of the reality, but because it pulled back the curtain that they have to protect them from the real America.

From Jonathon Tobin at Newsweek (it's still a thing? Who knew?), Why Pelosi Won't Tolerate Dissent on Her 'Insurrection' Committee . I think I know why, but it's paywalled, and I won't give them my info. Rabbi Fischer at Am Spec, Dare I Say That January 6 Was Not an Insurrection? "In truth, this canard of “insurrection” does grave damage to the country." I say it all the time. It's a damn lie, and one of the media's worst. But David Graham at the Slantic insists The Insurrection Was Just Part of the Plot. Was Trump a bumbling fool or an evil genius? Please pick one. JB Shurk at Am Think thinks Chinese 'Justice' Comes to America

How dare those commies roll up in the jewel of China's economic crown and throw a peaceful protester in prison for waving around a flag with a popular Hong Kong political slogan! To criminalize personal opinion as a thoughtcrime? To accuse someone of "secession" for demanding freedom? To designate an ordinary citizen a "terrorist" for assembling with other like-minded citizens petitioning their government for a redress of certain grievances? This is what naked authoritarianism looks like! This is why Secretary Blinken is correct when he argues that free, liberal democracies around the world should join hands and resolve never to allow China's inexcusable, blunt-force totalitarianism to spread beyond its shores. I tell you, this is what separates America from those tyrants on the other side of the globe.

Wait...what'd you say? Take a look at the second article about the January 6 show trials in America? Why not?

Ron Paul writes: "The recent felony conviction and eight month prison sentence of January 6th protester Paul Hodgkins is an affront to any notion of justice. It is a political charge and a political verdict by a political court."

Kaelen Deese at WaEx warns lame duck Kinzinger expects 'significant number' of subpoenas issued in Jan. 6 investigation, but from Da Caller, Kinzinger Suggests Subpoenas For McCarthy And Jordan But Not Trump In Jan. 6 Probe. WaPoo whines Jan. 6 committee faces unprecedented choice of whether to call Republican lawmakers to testify. Right after Nancy. What did she know and when did she know it? Mark Ellis at PJ Media envisions  A Day in the Life of a Low-Information Voter
They hear an elected Democrat suggest that January 6th was worse than 9/11, and feel the force of the statement even while grasping on some level that it is intrinsically false. Yes, they think, while waiting in the drive-thru at Wendy’s, a thorough investigation of Matt Gaetz is warranted. Hunter Biden never makes the feed.

At Da Blaze, Texas House Democrat calls for 'federal intervention' as political stunt begins to collapse. WaPoo, Dozens of legislators from other states to join Texas lawmakers in D.C. to lobby for voting bills and opines The voting fix that cannot wait: Stopping partisan gerrymandering, except for places where it helps Democrats, of course, like California and Maryland. At Da Caller, Virginia Kruta hears Joe ‘I Can’t Imagine A Carveout’: Manchin Blows Up The Possibility Of A One-Time Suspension Of Filibuster For Voting Rights

Breitbart, Without Trump, Dems and Media Dehumanize the Unvaccinated to Salvage 2022 Midterms

Based on numbers like that, numbers straight from the far-left CDC, we are witnessing a fear and scapegoating campaign unlike anything since the dark days of McCarthyism.

The question is, why?

The answer is obvious: the 2022 midterms.

For five years, former President Donald Trump was the Democrats’ Great Turnout Machine, and this is a failing party in desperate need of a bogeyman to turn out voters.

You see, other than fear and hate and scapegoats, Democrats have nothing to offer voters. In full sway of the violent and fascist extremists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa — in one blue city after another, Democrats are proving utterly incapable of governing, of delivering even the basic services that directly affect the all-important quality of life.

At Ace's Sunday Morning Book Thread 08-01-2021 OregonMuse compares the 2020 Election to Three Seconds in Munich: The Controversial 1972 Olympic Basketball Final

Keep in mind that the official who rushed out on the court after time had expired to order a 3-second do-over had NO AUTHORITY to do so. I'm not sure why the American coach did not scream at him right then and there to get his ass off the court. Perhaps the book explains that. I hope it explains all of the rule and procedural violations that went on, and I'm not including the flagrantly one-sided refereeing and blown calls. That was just the tip of the iceberg.

It stank so bad that if the IOC had a meeting and determined that they were tired of the USA winning basketball gold and would do whatever it took to see the USSR win, it wouldn't have looked any different.

Oh, of course we put in an "appeal" but its failure was pretty much predetermined: the panel split along Cold War lines against us 5-3. It's easy to believe that what was working against us is the great reluctance to overturn settled results.

It's as if one team colluded with the authorities to steal the game and everybody stood around with their hands in their pockets watching it happen in broad daylight.

And nobody did a damned thing about it.

And I guess we're still pretending this is about WuFlu. Insty, THE BANNINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE IMPROVES: Sky News Australia Suspended from YouTube.

More here: “YouTube said Sunday it had barred Sky News Australia from uploading new content for one week, citing concerns about Covid-19 misinformation. The move comes after a review of posts uploaded by the Rupert Murdoch-owned TV channel, which has a substantial online presence.”

Rick Moran at PJ Media, Trump-Aligned Groups Raised $82 Million the First Half of 2021 and Matt Margolis, The Biggest Indication Yet That Trump Is Running in 2024. At Red State, Sarah Palin Speaks Out About Possible Senate Run: 'You Guys Better Be There for Me This Time' Me, I'm fine with it, but don't count on the GOPe.

At Da Caller, ‘I Committed No Crime’: Rudy Giuliani Says He’s ‘More Than Willing To Go To Jail’ In NBC Interview and Althouse, "I am more than willing to go to jail if they want to put me in jail. And if they do, they’re going to suffer the consequences in heaven. I’m not, I didn’t do anything wrong." Guilty! Guilty of supporting President Trump!

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