Thursday, March 4, 2021

Got the Trump Shot!

Today was our day to get the vaccine, at a CVS up the road in Dunkirk MD, one of the closest sites we could get. The process went about as smooth as you could hope. Upon getting inside the door they were already to check our ID and confirm we were registered, and marched us to the waiting for the shot section; upon which time I decided it was a good time to go pee. By the time I got out, Georgia was already in the booth getting her temperature taken prior to the shot, and I was ushered into the next booth. 

The shot itself (the Moderna vaccine) was relatively painless, a very small volume (0.5 ml), which seemed much less than the annual flu shot. After the shot, we went to the post vaccine waiting area to wait for 15 minutes to be sure we didn't keel over. So far, other than turning orange, no side effects, although I wouldn't be surprised to get a sore arm (or even worse) later today. We were out before our scheduled times. The second shot is already scheduled for early April.

Incidence of coronavirus infection from patients who received placebo vs. vaccine. Via FDA

It's a little hard to see, but it looks like immunity starts to kick in around day 10.

We treated ourselves to a lunch at 5 Guys, eaten in the car, and a trip through to carwash.

I suppose Skye is going to expect a walk regardless. 

UPDATE: Entirely expectedly, somewhere during the afternoon walk, my arm started to get sore, and by night it was hurting. This morning it seems to be calming down. I typically react to flu vaccines this way, but it was not as bad as the second. I would not be shocked to have a reaction like Rick's (see comment below) after the second shot.

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  1. I got my second Moderna shot Friday.
    It was night and day different from the first.
    Arm hurt, not sore the next day, felt like I had the flu the next day, fever, chills and weakness.
    Woke up Sunday morning and felt fine, other than a swollen lymph node in armpit of shot side.
    I hope it works......