Thursday, March 4, 2021

Election 2020: March 4 2021

Supposedly the day the QAnon conspirators and their right minded allies attempt to take over the Capitol again. LI, U.S. Capitol Police Obtain Intelligence of ‘Possible Plot’ By a Militia to ‘Breach the Capitol’.  All the news shows were full of it last night, so I expect next to nothing will happen. Insty, THE ARMED CAPITOL HILL INSURRECTION — THAT WASN’T: FBI Official Says No Guns Were Recovered During Capitol Riot Arrests. Worst insurrection ever. FBI Director Wray Refuses To Disclose Brian Sicknick’s Cause Of Death (Da Caller). One suspects to do so would deflate the agenda. From NYPo, FBI Director Christopher Wray didn’t read memo warning of attack before Capitol riot. He was too busy covering up crimes by the FBI regarding Russiagate. 

Wray admitted to senators that he didn’t see the warning — reportedly describing preparation for “war” with “glass breaking, doors being kicked in” — until after the violence that disrupted certification of President Biden’s victory.

Da Caller reports a poll that claims POLL: Americans More Concerned About Violence Over The Summer Than Capitol Riot. Most Americans live closer to a city affected by the BLM insurrection than Washington D.C. We even had a minor incident in Prince Frederick. Only a little tear gas. Also from Da Caller, Here’s How Kayleigh McEnany Reacted During The Capitol Riot. Horrified, but not horrified enough for liberals. 

More on what may be the attempted poisonings of National Guard in Washington. Fox, Michigan National Guard members complain of undercooked, contaminated meals while in DC "National Guard spokesman says 50 members have been treated for 'gastrointestinal complaints'" Natalie Winters at TNP, ‘Metal Shavings & Raw Beef’: Whistleblower Reveals National Guard Troops Sent To Hospital From Meals. I presume they know who made the meals, but nobody seems to be holding them accountable. 

I’m not saying Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao resigned after the January 6 Capitol Hill riot just because she owed the DC team a favor following the post-election meeting between her husband, Mitch McConnell, and Attorney General Bill Barr; who just happened to *not* take up the ethics probe of Chao following the same meeting (noted below left), but….. It sure does look sketchy.

When looked at in the proper light, everything in DC looks sketchy, and they mostly are.

Nick Stehle at Am Spec,  Federal Election ‘Reform’ Threatens Anti-Fraud Efforts Across the Country "Voters’ rights should instead be protected by state-level efforts to shore up election security."

I’m not going to mince my words here. This legislation, the poorly named For the People Act, is an assault on free speech and representative government that could effectively silence half the country and lead us to one-party rule for generations. It would strip power away from the states to run their own election process. By forcing states to take on early voting, no-fault absentee balloting, and wide-sweeping voter registration changes, Congress would be wiping away years of hard work on the local level to ensure every eligible vote is counted and every eligible vote counts.

The other Spectator, HR 1 must be stopped "This Democratic ‘reform’ will undermine democracy far more than anything Donald Trump has done" Stacey Lennox at PJ Media, Voting Rights Are Enhanced—Not Destroyed—by Laws That Make Elections More Secure. Da Signal, Election Integrity Is a National Imperative

NewsMax, Mike Pence Breaks Silence: Dems' Election Bill 'Unconstitutional Power Grab', Sundance, Mike Pence Discovers the Need for Election Integrity, Jumps into MAGA Ship Before it leaves DeceptiCon Dock

Tilting at Windmills, Why The Freakout Over Georgia Voting Bill Is Telling

See, while they argue that voter fraud had no meaningful impact in the 2020 election, they can’t say there was no fraud at all. We’ve seen a number of incidents that raised red flags for a lot of people. Especially here in Georgia.

Yes, Democrats won here, but they did it in a way that cast a pronounced shadow on the election overall.

If Democrats believe they won fair and square, absolutely nothing in the Georgia bill will really stop eligible voters from being able to cast their ballots. What it will do, though, is make things more difficult for fraudsters.

The fact that the left is losing it over this tells us that they don’t actually want secure elections. They want the rules so loose they might as well not exist.

In other words, many of them suspect they only won in Georgia due to voter fraud and they don’t want anything to get in their way if they have to do it again.

 Wa Free Bee, Supreme Court Poised to Reject Democratic Challenge to Arizona Election Laws

The Supreme Court seemed likely to uphold a pair of disputed Arizona election laws on Tuesday, teeing up its biggest decision about race and voting rights since 2013.

At issue are two election rules: one that disqualifies votes cast outside a polling place and another that limits the ability of third parties to turn in ballots for others, a practice known as "ballot harvesting." The Democratic challengers say both laws disproportionately affect minority voters in Arizona, like Native Americans in remote parts of the state who lack reliable mail service and easy access to polling places.

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