Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Beach Report 3/3/21

Sunny, mid 40's and not very windy (7 knots SE) at the beach today. A pretty nice day.

Must have been some weird atmospherics going on over the bay, as the Fata Morgana mirage kept coming and going, making the eastern side look like a bridge.
Some detail with the maximum zoom on the camera.
The best of 22 sharks teeth, a 1 5/16ths inch Mako, with some unusual banded coloration. This is the "lingual" side, the side facing the tongue.
And the labial (lips) side.
Almost back to the car!


  1. Are shark's teeth anything like hen's teeth? I can contemplate that on your beach.

  2. Sharks teeth are the very opposite of hen's teeth. While hen's teeth are notably rare, sharks have mouths full of them, in multiple rows, which shed as the shark grows. And shark's teeth are one of the toughest fossils known, even abrasive sand wears them very slowly, so they last nearly forever, so there are lots of them. Learning to see them is the trick.

    Nice video!