Friday, January 1, 2021

The Opening of the 2020 Year Jar

The ceremonial opening of the year jar (in this case two jars). We had a fantastic year for finding fossils. 4400 some shark's teeth, 5 crocodile teeth, a couple porpoise teeth, a seal/fox tooth (I need to  get that one checked), a bunch of ray plates  stingers and scutes, all in various sizes and shapes, a bunch of drum and porgy teeth. Some interesting bones, Georgia's big shark vert, and her whale axis vert, my big whale vert. A tarpon? scale, a fish tail, lots of tilly bones. A couple of turtle shell pieces. All the small stuff together weighed 1.9 kg. The kitchen window sill is empty again, and it's time to restock it.

The only disappointment? Only one Megalodon (actually a Chubutensis and about 2/3 complete).

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