Thursday, January 14, 2021

Beach Report 1/14/21

A fine January day for a walk on the beach, clear skies, 40ish temperatures, no wind to speak of and a low, but not super low, tide.
The best of 14 teeth, a well worn, and brown Sand Tiger on top, and a hefty Snaggletooth upper parasymphyseal tooth below. The brown colored teeth are uncommon, but not super rare, more rarely teeth come in shades of yellow, and white. I even had one last year that looked pink, especially before it dried out. I suppose it depends on what they were buried in.
A plain old Herring Gull, out of breeding colors. No sign of Whitey for a few days. I don't know whether to be happy if he left for home, or sad that I won't likely see him again if that happens.
You can just make out a few pixels of Georgia and Skye well ahead of me on the way back.

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