Friday, January 22, 2021

Did You Get or Do You Want the WuFlu Vaccine? Thank the Horseshoe Crab

Bay-Region Horseshoe Crabs Key to Covid-19 Vaccine Success

Horseshoe crabs collected off the coast of Ocean City, Md. and the Delaware beaches are making a major contribution to the coronavirus vaccine, and probably every other vaccine you’ve received.

Their “magic” blue blood can test for contamination in a vaccine supply, to ensure you won’t get a bacterial infection from your shot. Cheryl Costello shows us the fascinating process of harvesting blood from these prehistoric creatures, right here in the Bay region.

Researchers ranch horseshoe crabs on Jekyll Island

Horseshoe Crabs are fairly common in this region of the Bay. In Fall, large numbers of their empty shells wash up; it seems they have a major molt period from Sept to Nov. 

However, we do not apparently have a sufficient population to be worth fishing for their blood, or the other major use for Horseshoe Crabs, eel bait.

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