Saturday, January 23, 2021

Biden Stumbles into WuFlu Truth

AllahPundit at Hot Air? Biden: There’s Nothing We Can Do To Change The Trajectory Of The Pandemic In The Next Several Months

That is … not the soundbite I was expecting from a guy whose entire COVID campaign message was “Elect me and I’ll change the trajectory of this pandemic.” I mean:
Of course, that's largely true, people who got the WuFlu in this week actually caught it last week,  people who because extremely sick were infected two weeks ago, and people who died were infected 3 or more weeks ago. A lot of what's coming is baked in. 

But, on the bright side, in the US (and most of the world), the pandemic appears to have peaked for the season, and is now on the downward path. From WaPoo today:

The same is true here in Maryland, too

As the number of vaccinations takes effect, the curve should fall further. And Biden is promising to increase the vaccination rate, that Trump has already increased to about 900,000 per day in 1 month from a standing start, to 1,000,000 per day, a nice round number, and a 10% improvement. Or as Hot Air summarizes a WaPoo article: Biden Sticks To Vaccine Goals Nearly Met By His Predecessor. As an aside, according to the state, we seniors (over 65) are now eligible for the Trump vaccine, assuming they can get enough this far down the state, past the more reliably blue counties.

To understand further, Ivor Cummings viral update, Jan 4:

And just to rub it in . . 

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