Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Some Last Minute Russiagate

It's been a while, and I might as get what I've got out before the inauguration of of his fraudulency, China Joe Biden. I suspect further additions will come at a very slow pace.

From early last week, John Solomon at JTN has a long list (40) of declassifications he would like to see in One of Trump's biggest unfulfilled promises: Russia declassification. A couple of days later from Matt Margolis at PJ Media, IT BEGINS: Trump to Declassify 'Foot-High Stack' of Obamagate Documents. Sundance at CTH, President Trump Schedules Extensive Declassification Prior To Departure – Chris Steele Interview Likely Included, and then Senate Judiciary Committee Releases 11 Transcripts From Investigation into DOJ/FBI Misconduct During Crossfire Hurricane.  

  1. Handling Agent 1: Interviewed on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 (Transcript)
  2. Michael B. Steinbach: Interviewed on Friday, June 12, 2020 (Transcript)
  3. Stephen C. Laycock: Interviewed on Monday, June 15, 2020 (Transcript)
  4. Dana J. Boente: Interviewed on Monday, June 22, 2020 (Transcript)
  5. Bruce Ohr: Interviewed on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 (Transcript)
  6. Stuart Evans: Interviewed on Friday, July 31, 2020 (Transcript)
  7. Supervisory Special Agent 1: [Joseph Pientka, the name no-one is allowed to repeat] Thursday, August 27, 2020 (Transcript)
  8. Jonathan Moffa: Interviewed on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 (Transcript)
  9. Deputy Chief, Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, Justice Department: Interviewed on Friday, September 18, 2020 (Transcript)
  10. Case Agent 1: Interviewed on Friday, September 25, 2020 (Transcript)
  11. Supervisory Intelligence Analyst: Interviewed on Thursday, October 29, 2020

Katie Pavlich at Town Hall, Graham Releases Transcripts from Russia Probe, FISA Abuse Investigation

“As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I have decided to release all transcripts of depositions involving the committee’s oversight of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. We have released as much material as possible, but some classified material has still been withheld. I appreciate all those who participated in the depositions and their candor. They have charted a path to allow us to reform the system," Graham released in a statement. “I believe that Crossfire Hurricane was one of the most incompetent and corrupt investigations in the history of the FBI and DOJ."

“The FISA court was lied to. Exculpatory information was withheld on those being investigated. The investigators, with some notable exceptions, were incredibly biased and used the powers of law enforcement for political purposes. The subjects of the investigation had their lives turned upside down. It is my hope that counterintelligence investigations will be reined in and this never happens again in America," he continued. “I hope that the media will look closely at what happened and examine these documents, but I am not holding my breath...I will be pursuing reforms of counterintelligence investigations and warrant applications, and hope that my Democratic and Republican colleagues can find common ground on these matters. I also hope and expect that FBI Director Wray will continue the reforms he has started. It is hard to believe that something like Crossfire Hurricane could have happened in America. The bottom line is that going forward we must have more checks and balances when it comes to political investigations. We must have more meaningful sign-offs on warrant applications, and we need to restore the trust to the American people in this system."

So what have we found out that we don't already know? Well, the mystery FBI agent, Joe Pientka, who was Peter Strzok's right hand man in framing Gen. Michael Flynn, among other things, tried to look into the validity of the Steele Dossier, and was shut down by Bill Priestap. Chuck Ross at Da Caller,  FBI Agent Quit Crossfire Hurricane Team After His Effort To Validate Christopher Steele Was Shut Down. Sundance, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Joseph Pientka Testified The Review of Chris Steele was “Turned Off” By FBI Director of Counter Intel Bill Priestap

If the recent Senate transcripts are an indication of SSA Pientka’s side of the stories, it would appear the testimony and truthfulness of Pientka’s statements would be adverse to the interests of EVERYONE who framed the Trump-Russia narrative.

Within his testimony; and if we accept it is likely consistent with internal investigative statements to the IG and others; it appears Pientka realized the activity of the FBI was intentionally taken to hide the truth of how intelligence was weaponized against the Trump administration.

Joseph Pientka wanted to investigate Chris Steele in November of 2016 because he knew something was sketchy. Following the use of Chris Steele to get the FISA warrant on Carter Page -and by extension the Trump administration- Pientka wanted to explore the motives of Steele and the contacts he was using to push his narrative. That’s where FBI Director of Counterintelligence, Bill Priestap, steps in and stops Pientka.

John Solomon at JTN, FBI, State officials aware early on Steele made major mistake in Russia reporting "FBI kept silent about flaws in Steele reporting, one of which widely known." No Russian consulate in Miami.

Sundance has Sunday Talks, Lindsey Graham Attempts to Explain Why He Did Not Subpoena FBI/DOJ Spygate Operatives. He's not convinced. 

'Steele's Trump-Russia Dossier holds up pretty well,' Kahl tweeted in 2017. I hope some Republican Senators ask some pointed questions, at the very least. And from Sundance, A Severely Compromised Senator Mark Warner is About To Become Chairman of The Senate Intelligence Committee and he explains Warner's role in Russiagate. Yes, elections have consequences. Often bad. Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx, NSA moves forward with installing Michael Ellis as its top lawyer despite Democratic opposition. Embedding a Nunes lawyer in the federal bureaucracy. I'm OK with that.

The Trump administration on Monday announced sanctions against seven Ukrainians, including several who have met with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, on allegations that they are part of “Russia-linked disinformation network” that tried to influence the 2020 election.

The Treasury Department imposed the sanctions against seven individuals and four media outlets that are linked to Andrii Derkach, a Ukrainian lawmaker previously sanctioned over his ties to Russian intelligence.

At WaPoo, Opinion from Sue Gordon: Trump?s intelligence briefings should stop once he leaves office. Are you sure he wants them?

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