Monday, January 18, 2021

1/18/21 Beach Report


Cool, in the low 40s, with a 10-15 knot WNW breeze, enough protection from the west so the water was mostly calm, but strong enough to add to the cold.

Another game of "stump the experts." Georgia found this long thing, clearly a fossil, clearly grew concentrically and looks a little "ringed", but it has one sided that looks like a seam to me. We ran into Paul R Murdoch Jr, and he mentioned sperm whale tooth, but was leaning to some sort of huge fish spine. 
I've submitted it for identification by the experts on Facebook; maybe one of them will know for sure.

Georgia also found a great Croc tooth.
Otherwise, a fairly slack day for fossils despite a blow out tide, only 10 teeth and all ordinary.

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