Thursday, January 14, 2021

Chickenshit: There's an App for That

New 'littr' app connects chicken litter suppliers and customers

There is a new app on the market, connecting chicken litter suppliers and customers in Delaware.

The Delmarva Chicken Association (DCA) launched the new, free mobile app.

“It’s called Littr. Since it’s an app we had to spell it a little funny - it’s LITTR. And the elevator pitch for this I think is - it’s a Craigslist or a for people who have chicken litter and people who need it,” said the Association’s communications manager James Fisher.

He says the app connects First State chicken growers who have litter from their chicken houses and farmers who want it to fertilize their fields. There are 1,300 chicken farmers on Delmarva and they produce hundreds of tons of litter every year.


“There’s 1,300 chicken farmers on Delmarva. That’s the size of the chicken community - the family farms that raise chickens that are produced for restaurants and grocery stores everywhere. The number of amount of litter is kind of hard to get a handle on because it varies from year to year. It’s in the hundreds of tons across the whole of Delmarva,” said Fisher.

Fisher says the nitrogen and phosphorus in chicken litter make a highly effective fertilizer for crops like corn, wheat and soybeans. He adds that 95% of all poultry litter is recycled to fertilize crops.

He adds that improved litter management over the years has allowed farmers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to reduce agricultural nitrogen entering the Bay by 39% and agricultural phosphorus reaching the Bay by 25%.
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Farmers can download the app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

So, if you just happen to have some extra chickenshit on hand, or, if for some reason you want some more chickenshit, now you know. 

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