Thursday, January 28, 2021

Surely, If Two are Better, Four is Best

I don't think that helps
 Victory Girls, Fauci Says Two Masks, CNBC Says Why Not More?

Remember how President Trump was the worst president ever whenever he contra
dicted Dr. Fauci
, and then when Team Biden put out their amazingly huge whopper that they were “starting from scratch” on vaccine distribution and Fauci corrected them, the press scolded the Biden administration for not agreeing with the holy Fauci? Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Well, now Fauci is out with yet another brilliant solution to defeat COVID-19. The man who once saiddon’t wear masks” because he was lying in order to make sure there were enough masks for front-line workers, is now saying that wearing TWO masks might be the most bestest idea EVAR.

Oh. Really.

And then CNBC took the inevitable next step. If TWO masks are better than one, then why not THREE?
The Wombat has Rule Five Sunday: Jane Russell up and at 'em at The Other McCain. 

More examples of mask abuse:

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