Sunday, January 31, 2021

Snowmaggedon 2021 - Day 1

You may or may not have heard, but much of the East Coast has been under the threat from a complex snowstorm, expected to last a couple of days, and resulting in 3-6 inches of snow here, and much more elsewhere. When we got up around 7 AM, we were greeted by a light dusting

Which grew over a couple of hours. 
Skye didn't mind. Here she is taking her morning nap, getting her strength up for the big walk.
Gabi got her first snowball.

"Aren't you ready for that walk yet"
Eventually, we relented, and bundled up and took Skye out and around the neighborhood. She found a few kids out playing in the snow to give her pets, so that made her day. When we got back home, Gabi and Corwin were out on the front deck, and Gabi seemed to enjoy her first snow day.
It seemed to let off later in the afternoon, but so far, we seem to have about 2 inches. We'll see what happens overnight and tomorrow. 

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