Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Election 2020: Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been a Trump Supporter?

 AP reports FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack

U.S. defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, prompting the FBI to vet all of the 25,000 National Guard troops coming into Washington for the event.

The massive undertaking reflects the extraordinary security concerns that have gripped Washington following the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump rioters. And it underscores fears that some of the very people assigned to protect the city over the next several days could present a threat to the incoming president and other VIPs in attendance.

Sara Carter, FBI reportedly vetting National Guard troops in D.C. amid fears of insider attack.  Insty, THIS IS NORMAL: FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack. 

This is what happens when you define half the population as enemies of the state.

And nothing says “normal, legitimate election” like a swearing-in behind 12 feet of razor wire and 25,000 troops that you’re not sure you can trust.
Lot's of links there including this twitter quote from Rep. Cohen . Heh!
@RepCohen on his concerns w/ the National Guard securing the Inauguration: “The [National] Guard is 90 some-odd percent male; and only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden … there are probably not more than 25% of the people there protecting us that voted for Biden”

and from Michael Elliot

Downtown DC is essentially under military occupation and nobody in our bold, adversarial watchdog media apparently finds this odd.

I'll have to ask Andy the next time we go fishing what he thinks about this. . . . Natalie Winters at TNP notes that  Dems Demand Public Locked Out Of Capitol Grounds Forever – Publish Bill To Install Fence Despite Claiming Walls Don’t Work. JD Tuccille at Reason begs us Don't Let the Capitol Riot Become a 9/11-Style Excuse for Authoritarianism.

Althouse wants us to Please watch the entire Luke Mogelson video of the Capitol riot from the New Yorker. It seems like a pretty quiet riot to me. If that's the best scare video they could come up with, they don't have much. But I do hope the videographer is charged with trespass a the 'rioters' will be. Capt. Ed at Hot Air, Oh My: FBI Suspects Rioter Stole Pelosi Laptop To Sell To Russians, but we're assured it only had her presentations on it. Sure . . . 

The bureau is seeking Riley June Williams, a Pennsylvania woman, on charges related to the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol, including entering a restricted building, disrupting the orderly conduct of government and engaging in disorderly or disruptive conduct.

However, the complaint/arrest warrant says the FBI is investigating a claim that Williams stole a laptop or hard drive from the speaker’s office. According to one witness, described as a former romantic partner of Williams, the accused “intended to send the computer device to a friend in Russia, who then planned to sell the device to SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence service.”

Former romantic partners always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, right? Insty, HILLARY CLINTON SUGGESTS VLADIMIR PUTIN IS BEHIND “THE DAY INSURGENTS INVADED OUR CAPITOL.” 

Consider this your daily you-aren’t-the-crazy-one reminder. I thought we needed to clamp down on free speech to stop these damaging conspiracy theories!

Admittedly, if she’s right, would be awful, but it also means we might as well surrender now because it’s over and we lost.
MSN, Police command structure crumbled fast during Capitol riot. By incompetency or by design? Dan Greenfield at Front Page, DC AG Shocked At Comparing Capitol Riot to BLM Riots. They just burned and looted a few private citizens business, and killed a few people, no problem. Sundance, at CTH,  Washington Post Pushes Extreme Fear Porn Claiming Super Secret FBI Report of Mass QAnon Hordes Planning to Invade Washington DC. Q =Immanuel Goldstein. 

According to the Washington Post, the FBI has shared super-secret, non-specific, possible-threat assessments to include militant Qanon supporters posing as National Guard during the inauguration of JoeBama. Abject silliness has now turned to the structurally absurd. Of course the evidence is anonymous and denied in the middle of the article… but still, pushed by WaPo.
Noted at Da Hill, Trump approval rating relatively unchanged in wake of Capitol rioting: NBC News poll, despite their best efforts to whip up a controversy. 

“When it comes to an issue of this gravity and constitutional importance, members really have to follow their own conscience," Durbin told CNN's Jake Tapper. "It isn't a matter of saying, 'well, the team has to all vote together.'"

 According to John Sexton at Hot Air, anonymous sources claim Former AG Barr Told Trump Claims Of A Stolen Election Were ‘Bulls**T’. Could be. Breitbart, Rove: If Trump Continues to Claim Election Fraud, There Will Be Bipartisan Conviction in the Senate. Rove has good political instincts, but I doubt this one. Sister Toldjah at Red State, CNN's Jake Tapper Feigns Moral Superiority About the Election Again, It Backfires Big Time

Tapper’s latest entry into the Self-Awareness Fail file comes courtesy of a tweet he posted earlier today concerning what he, his fellow liberals at CNN, and Democrats, in general, have been calling “The Big Lie” – a.k.a. President Trump’s claims about election fraud. In a follow-up to a rant he did on his “State of the Union” program Sunday, Tapper wrote that he wished he “saw evidence that any of the people who pushed the Big Lie about the election had a conscience”:
This is you?

Dan Greenfield, Front Page, Where Was the 14th Amendment When Barbara Boxer was Challenging Election Results? It's different when Democrats do it because, shut up!

Althouse cites CNN in "The dissolving of one of America's most enduring transfer-of-power rituals — the outgoing president welcoming the incoming president on the steps of the North Portico..." They want him to ask nicely so they can say no. Naomi Lim at WaEx, Incoming White House chief of staff grilled on whether Trump allies should attend Biden's inauguration No deplorables need apply. Vicky Taft at PJ Media, Political Amnesia: Look at All the Democrats Who Boycotted Trump's Inauguration. That was different because, shut up!

Alex Nitzberg at JTN, DNI Ratcliffe concludes China 'sought to influence' America's 2020 federal elections "Ratcliffe’s assessment differs from majority of intelligence community." Of course they did, why the hell wouldn't they? And we know their choice, right?

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  1. Every single troop, regular or NG, should claim that they support Trump. That ought to keep the new Administration looking over their shoulders.