Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The More Things Change . . .

The more they stay the same: John Sexton at Hot Air, Portland Antifa Scuffle With Police, Vandalize Democratic Party HQ

It’s a day ending in y so that’s cause for Antifa to riot in Portland. Actually today the mob clearly had a point to make: They aren’t celebrating the election of Joe Biden. The action started in the middle of the afternoon: Missing Tweet
"It should be clear that Joe Biden isn't going to save us... Joe Biden is a feckless puppet of the centrist democratic establishment who is only president because of his ties to corporate interests."
Fighting with police is always the first order of business for Antifa.
A daytime protest escalated quickly in #portland Oregon.

Approximately 20 bicycle cops confronted a group of protesters. They said they were looking for weapons and took the pools from two flags.#portlandprotests #pdx #thisisamerica

— Maranie R. Staab (@MaranieRae) January 20, 2021

At this point, Portland deserves it's problems. Besides, I don't think I have any relatives left there. And, if you're there, Ellen, you probably voted for it. 

I'm sure China Joe will get right on that, after he's suppress the white nationalist insurrection, fixed systemic racism and reversed sea level rise.

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  1. China Joe is not doing anything except filling his diaper and signing whatever is placed in front of him by his handlers.