Friday, January 1, 2021

First Beach Walk of 2021

Skye and I got a late start today, as we waited for a gap in the rain. Down in the harbor, we found this Horned Grebe diving. I wonder what it's finding to eat. The red eyes are certainly striking. This one is in immature/non breeding colors, but the adults will get their fancy breeding colors, just before they disappear for summer. 
It was 39 F, with low clouds, but not terribly windy. We had a few spits of rain, but nothing bad.
Whitey was back in his tree over the last house in Calvert Beach when we walked down.
On our way back, we were talking to some people at the boat ramp, and he left the tree, flew almost over our heads and went down to the shore near one of the groins. Lunch time!
If today is a harbinger, fossil hunting is going to be tough. The beaches were mostly sand, and we managed only 9 shark's teeth and a crab claw, none worthy of the kitchen window sill.

As we were getting off the beach, the rain picked up a bit.  

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