Monday, July 6, 2020

So, How's That Summer of Love Going out in Seattle?

Summer Taylor
Not so well: Another in Stacy McCain's continuing series of Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes
Death by “social justice” on the Fourth of July:
A woman hit by a car while she and others were blocking a highway in Seattle died, a hospital spokeswoman said.
Harborview Medical Center told news outlets that Summer Taylor, a 24-year-old local, died late Saturday. The Washington State Patrol confirmed the death.
Taylor was one of two women hit by a man driving a white Jaguar around 1:36 a.m. on July 4.
Police had closed down a portion of the highway, I-5, just before midnight on Friday. Seattle police said in a report that the driver, 27-year-old Dawit Kelete, entered on an exit ramp before turning onto the highway to go in the correct direction.
The driver was approaching vehicles that were parked across the highway by protesters to block it when he “made a sharp left turn entering the right lane and struck two pedestrians,” police wrote.
Video footage showed the impact flinging the two women into the air. Photographs of the Jaguar showed damage consistent with a crash, Washington State Patrol Capt. Ron Mead told reporters at a press conference near the scene of the incident.
Diaz Love

The other protester hit was identified as Diaz Love, 32. She remains hospitalized in serious condition. Love was filming the protest in a video broadcast on Facebook Live that showed a group of a few dozen milling about on the highway. Just before the video ended, people began shouting “car.” The impact of the car striking the women can be heard as the broadcast ends.
Both she and and Taylor suffered broken bones and lacerations from the impact, according to the police report.
Kelete was taken into custody after passing sobriety tests. He was described as reserved and sullen. At one point, he asked if the two people that were hit were okay.
Kelete was booked on vehicular assault charges, according to jail records. Bail was denied. It wasn’t clear if the man had an attorney.
Protesters blocked I-5 for 18 straight days leading up to July 4, law enforcement officials said. Mead told the reporters that blocking the highway is illegal and a criminal act.
“We’ve said since May 30th, the freeway is not a safe place for pedestrians to be. Whether they’re protesters, whether they’re homeless, whether they’re broken down motorists, the freeway is simply not a safe place for pedestrians,” he said.
The state patrol said later Saturday that officers would arrest any protesters who tried to enter I-5.
According to Love’s social media accounts, she participated in other protests blocking the freeway in recent days. The Black Lives Matter supporter was recently at the so-called autonomous zone that protesters created in Seattle.
The video is just horrific.

My mother taught me not to play on freeways.
The dead woman was a militant #BlackLivesMatter supporter and also identified as “non-binary.” The driver of the car was a black man, apparently an immigrant from Ethiopia.

So . . . white women blocking a freeway to protest on behalf of #BlackLivesMatter were hit by a black man driving a white Jaguar.
Didn't he know they were protesting for him. Not exactly a Buggaloo Boy. Narrative fail. Vicky Taft. PJ Media, Cops Re-Thinking Protest Rules After Car Driven by Black Man Kills White Seattle BLM Freeway Blocker
OK, so idiots block the freeway.

Agreed, they’re idiots.

Yeah, but they were Black Lives Matter idiots blocking the freeway, so it must be OK.


But, a white chick was involved in the Black Lives Matter idiots blocking the freeway.

Sure, OK.

A man drove a car hitting a white woman in the Black Lives Matter protest.

Are you sure it was a white chick?

Yes, dude sent her to the hospital and she died.

What? Kill him!

But the white chick was killed.

And she was apparently killed by a black man, Dawit Kelete.

Wait, the driver was black?

Yeah, the driver was black who killed the white chick.

Free Dawit Kelete!

Wait, why did the cops let anyone go on the freeway?

Because they were Black Lives Matter.

Defund the police!

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