Friday, July 10, 2020

A Beach Walk Before Lunch.

A Green Heron looks a little peeved that it has to get off the dock so Skye and I could pass.
Today, Tropical Storm Fay, or some remnant thereof, was transiting quickly to our east. When we arrived at the beach, the sky was clear overhead, but stormy looking any direction but wet. The wind was coming from the NNW at upwards of 20 kts, which gives us a pretty good chop.

A few people out taking in the scenery.
Skye doesn't mind the wind or waves, or much else for that matter.
We met a guy who was flying a drone over Calvert Beach. He said he grew up here, and was taking some video for old times sake. It was way up there, far above us when we stopped to talk to him, but its battery was wearing down, and he brought it down while we watched. It was amazing how it hovered in that wind.

Do you see it?
Blown up a bit.
By the time we got back to the parking lot, clouds had moved over us, and even dropped a little rain.

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