Saturday, July 25, 2020

Russiagate This AM

A slow Saturday morning. But Ace comes through with this blockbuster, in red type with some italics for emphasis: Steele's "Primary Subsource" Was... Employee of Leftwing Democrat Think Tank The Brookings Institute, Which Itself Was a Major Pusher of the Russiagate Conspiracy Hoax
He had a criminal background -- and had previously been prosecuted by... Rod Rosenstein.
For public drunkeness.

How public drunkeness and disorderly behavior becomes so outrageous that a fed prosecutes it, I can only speculate.

But hey, he's a sloppy drunk. So we should totally trust his "research."

I guess Rosenstein (that sweetheart!) overlooked Danshenko's prior record of unreliable criminality when he signed that FISA warrant based on this con artist's claims.
To be fair, the link to Rod Rosenstein seems weak; it just illustrates how incestuous, and small the world is near the top levels of government. Did he give him a sweet deal because he was from Brookings? Probably. Did he even remember who he was as he was signing FISA warrants? I doubt it. But I was reminded by the Wombat in this morning's In The Mailbox: 07.24.20, of this link from Julie Kelly at AmThink that was in yesterdays Russiagate post Brookings Institution: A Key Collusion Collaborator, which didn't mention this but should have. It turns out all the evidence for the Russian collusion hoax circles back to Democrat sources.

Ben Wilson at Sara Carter's shop, Sara Carter: Explosive New Docs Prove Higher-ups Gave Orders To Spy On Trump Campaign
“These documents are explosive,” Carter reported. “It was 2016 and here’s Joe Pientka debriefing basically Trump, Governor Christie, and Michael Flynn. And then in January, he goes back to the White House with Peter Strzok— he’s the one that’s interviewing Michael Flynn.”

Carter explained how higher-ups, including President Obama himself, were giving directives on the spying directed at the Trump campaign.

Carter said Strzok, Pientka, and others were “directed by people above them. That is Andrew McCabe, that’s James Comey, and that’s those folks that were at the White House. Including the President, who knew everything that was going on.”
But as Sean Davis at Da Fed reminds us, the Most Disconcerting Thing About Obamagate Is Not One Person Has Been Charged. Look, I get that if the charges come too close to the election, Democrats will accuse Durham and Barr of playing politics. But that doesn't matter, they're already accusing them, and would under any circumstances. You have to go forward.

and good old "shipwreckedcrew" at Red State informs us that Russiagate alum and CNN presidential selection,  Largest Civil Verdict Won by Michael Avenatti Tossed out by Court of Appeals — Avenatti’s Tin Cup Now Out
Today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion reversing a jury verdict and ordering dismissal of a case that was the biggest of Michael Avenatti’s career in his prior profession as an attorney in Southern California.

The case was a class-action lawsuit brought by Avenatti on behalf of Plaintiff Bahamas Surgery Center and against defendant multinational health care company Kimberly-Clark Corp. (KCC).

The allegations of the case were that KCC had sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of surgical gowns through co-defendant distributor Halyard Co, which were labeled as being compliant with a certain industry-recognized standard for being a liquid bio-hazard barrier, when those gowns did not, in fact, meet the industry-standard as represented.
. . .
One problem which Avenatti ran into in the aftermath of the jury’s verdict was with the federal District Court Judge. He tossed out the substantial punitive damages award and reduced the verdict to only $25 million.

Today, the Ninth Circuit applied the coup de grace. They tossed out the verdict altogether AND remanded the matter with instructions that the case be dismissed.

What had Avenatti done wrong??? In a STUNNING BIT OF POTENTIAL MALPRACTICE, Avenatti had taken a class-action case to trial with a Class Representative Plaintiff who had not been damaged — Bahamas Surgical Center had never purchased any the KCC manufactured gowns at issue.
So the award was won against somebody who couldn't have done the acts alleged to cause harm? Now that's good lawyering!

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