Monday, July 13, 2020

Beach Report 7/13/20

Green Heron
Not quite as hot as yesterday, temperatures were only in the low to middle 80's with blue skies and a few distant clouds. But lack of breeze and high humidity made it warm, especially for Skye.

When we got to Calvert Beach we noticed this dead sea turtle; probably a Loggerhead, but I didn't stick around for a close look, because it smelled rather bad. Skye, of course, wanted to check it out at close range.
 Not the best of days for fossils, only six measly teeth. I just liked this shot showing the Turritella cut in half in one of the clay boulders out of the big slide.
On the way back, we encountered our national bird sharing the turtle carcass with a couple of Black Vultures. They'd already made quite lot of progress toward cleaning it up.

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