Saturday, July 11, 2020

Beach Report 7/11/20

Another hot, muggy day today, without yesterday's breeze. Skye and I saw this set of doublers in the harbor. Don't know if she was soft or just getting ready to shed.
The weather had beach usage down to a minimum. The Sea Nettles were just ridiculous. The water had lots, and even more were stranded up on the beach. I slipped on them a couple of times.
We saw this aptly named Rough Green Snake climbing up the side of a gully in the cliffs/

The body turns blue a short time after death, accounting for reports of road-killed “blue” snakes.
It was not an exceptional day for shark's teeth (10, and nothing marvelous), but I found this huge piece of sting ray barb, my largest ever by a large margin, and a petty nice scallop shell in the big slump.
Almost back to the car.

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