Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Beach Report 7/22/20

Another hot day in slower Maryland, showing 91 F at home, and 85 at the beach. A slight southern breeze (which was rising on the way back) helped.

Georgia let's Skye take a cooling mud bath in the stream that comes down to the beach out of the forest above Matoaka Cabins. That way, she get's hosed off at home, too!
Probably the rarest shark's tooth I'll find this year, a Cow Shark lower symphyseal (center) tooth. This is the second I've ever found. I have a lot more Megs.

UPDATE: The experts on Facebook tell me this is from  a male  Bluntnose sevengill cow shark.
Male Notorynchus sp. symphyseal teeth have a central conule on the axis of symmetry, females do not. Nice find!

Taking a closer look.
The Bluntnose sevengill cow sharks, on the other hand, are aggressive sharks that prefer shallow near shore waters. They are often reported from depths of 3 - 6 fathoms .

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