Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Beach Report 7/8/20

Another day, another walk on the beach. Mid to upper 80s, blue skies with a few fair weather clouds, and a touch swampy feeling but with enough south breeze to help. You could almost mistake it for a tropical shore, if we had a few Coconut Palms
 The spot we call the tangle. It formed over winter as storms piled a bunch of logs up in the same spot. It's kind of a pain with Skye, as she always wants to choose a route that goes under, rather than over the logs.
 Georgia holds the leash on the way back.

Fossiling was only so so, 13 teeth, although Georgia did find one nice Drum tooth.
The crew of the Brittney Mae checks its crab pots.
A view of the harbor mouth.

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