Friday, July 17, 2020

National Tattoo Day!

It's National Tattoo Day!
July 17 is National Tattoo Day and people around the country are celebrating with some ink.The holiday has been observed since 2016, but tattoos date back thousands of years.

Evidence of humans marking their bodies with permanent designs being found on ice and Egyptian mummies.

More recently, the trend of getting inked has been on the rise as tattoo technology and acceptance have increased.

So, if you've been thinking of getting one done today might be the day.

Nope. Not gonna happen.
Participants in the holiday can share their designs using hashtag #NationalTattooDay.

If you're not ready for the commitment yet, remember there are always temporary ones so you can still join in on the celebration.
 Thanks to Ed Driscoll at Insty. Wombat-socho has Rule 5 Sunday: Toni McBride ready at The Other McCain.

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