Friday, July 31, 2020

It's Usually a Mistake . . .

To bring a knife to a gun fight. Stacy McCain, ‘Drop the Knife!’
Two weeks ago, we brought you the story of Daniel Hernandez, who was shot to death in Los Angeles after refusing to comply with a police officer’s repeated command: “Drop the knife!” You might think people would have learned this lesson by now, but stupidity is pandemic:
An intoxicated, knife-wielding man was shot as he charged at a Phoenix police officer while threatening to “slice” her throat, wild video shows.
The footage, released Thursday by Phoenix cops, shows suspect Jon David Brouseau, 55, repeatedly threatening to stab a female officer when she encountered him on June 14 in a parking lot of a supermarket.
Officers responded to the scene after someone called 911 to report that a “drunk man armed with a knife” was threatening customers inside, police said in statement Thursday.
“Drop the knife!” the officer tells Brouseau, video shows. “Put it on the ground!”
“No, I’m going to f–k you up,” Brouseau responds before turning his attention to another person in the parking lot whom he also threatened with the knife.
The officer manages to reengage Brouseau, stopping him from approaching the other person as she calls for backup. The suspect then focuses again on the officer, whom repeatedly tells him to drop the weapon, video shows.
“Shut your f–king mouth, b—-h!” Brouseau said as he walked toward the cop and around a police vehicle. “Shoot me – I’ll kill you, you stupid little bitch! I’ll f–king slice your f–king throat!”
Uh, no, sir, you will not.
It looks to me like he was trying to commit "suicide by cop" and I'm glad that he was foiled (he survived) and the cop is not forced to face the moral and mental issues of being forced to kill someone.

I don't expect any additional violence in LA as a result.

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