Sunday, July 26, 2020

Forget it Jake, It's Baltimore

At another "mostly peaceful" demonstration, Baltimore FOP building vandalized by demonstrators Saturday night (Da Sun)
Demonstrators vandalized the Fraternal Order of Police Baltimore City Lodge 3 building Saturday night in North Baltimore.

The group started the evening in Hampden for an event advertised on social media as a sit-in in solidarity with protesters in Portland, Oregon, where federal agents fired tear gas to break up recent protests.

Protesters marched through the streets chanting “Black Lives Matter” and shouted the names of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, two Black people who both were killed by police and their deaths later turned into an igniting flame for city and nationwide protests.

The crowd of nearly 100 demonstrators then made their way to the Baltimore Police FOP Lodge on Buena Vista Avenue.

The group spray-painted the building and sidewalks with “Defund BPD” and other anti-police messages. An American flag was burned at the scene.

Demonstrators sprayed “Am I Next” in the middle of the street, a slogan coined following protests in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Several police officers and vehicles arrived to the scene and a stand-off between demonstrators and police persisted. As officers blocked protesters’ access to the FOP building parking lot when they arrived, leftover burned pieces of an American flag was placed on top of graffiti reading “Defund BPD” at the feet of a Baltimore police officer.
. . .
Baltimore activists have worked to be strategic in the city with keeping protests in the city peaceful but still getting their message across against police brutality.
With a little more effort, Baltimore (Murder Rate 0.51/1000) should be easily able to take the top spot for murders from such wannabes as Chester PA (Murder Rate 0.53/1000), Gary IN (Murder Rate 0.53/1000), St. Louis, MO, (Murder Rate 0.62/1000) and East St. Louis. IL, (0.87/1000). Stack a little George Floyd effect onto the already operational Freddy Gray effect, and you can do it!

At this point, no one should be allowed to hide behind the "mostly peaceful) bullshit. Even if you are not creating violence in such a mob, you are providing cover for those that do.

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