Thursday, July 30, 2020

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Bad causes attract bad people, and the so-called “anti-fascist” mobs in cities like Portland are not composed of our Best and Brightest. There is abundant evidence that their average IQ is below room temperature. Gateway Pundit calls attention to a typical example of Portland’s Antifa mob, Edward Thomas Schinzing, 32, who is now facing federal arson charges “accused of setting and spreading fire May 29 inside the Justice Center at the start of two months of protests in Portland.” How did the feds apprehend this criminal genius? Well, they were helped by the fact that (a) Schinzing was shirtless during the “mostly peaceful” protest, and (b) he has his rather distinctive surname tattooed on his back
Consider, for example, 23-year-old Samuel Young of Aurora, Colorado, who decided he needed to bring a pistol to a “peaceful protest” that was obstructing an interstate highway:
An arrest affidavit obtained by FOX31 and Channel 2 on Tuesday includes witness accounts recalling the shooting that left two people injured during a protest in Aurora on Saturday.
Samuel Young, 23, faces four counts of attempted first-degree murder and two counts of first-degree assault. He’s accused of shooting at a Jeep Wrangler that drove through the protest after demonstrators blocked both directions of Interstate 225 near East Sixth Avenue.
Two protesters were wounded in the shooting: 21-year-old Joseph Quinton Sagrillo and 25-year-old Creyton Loud.
Sagrillo was shot in the leg; Loud was shot near his temple. Both survived.
The Jeep’s two occupants were not injured. According to the affidavit, the Jeep was driven by 27-year-old Kyle Faulkison. Its passenger was 27-year-old Gregory Goodenough.
The affidavit includes a number of witness accounts.
And via Ed Driscoll at Insty, FASTER, PLEASE:
Dozens charged with federal crimes in Portland riots. “Federal law enforcement in Portland has arrested 74 people and charged 60 of them with federal crimes for actions they allegedly took against federal police and facilities in the Oregon city, according to the Justice Department. DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec announced Monday afternoon that U.S. attorneys have also arrested 236 people and charged 238 nationwide in cases related to ‘violent opportunists’ and ‘civil unrest.’”
A decent start.

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  1. A felon off the street and two additional thugs shot in the process.

    I'd call that a good day.