Sunday, February 17, 2019

It's Worth a Try, I Suppose

For women, I mean. Goodness knows I don't need it.  From "Tyler Durnden" at Zero Hedge, Does Coconut Milk Make Women's Breasts Bigger? Chinese Ads Say 'Yes'
A Chinese coconut milk manufacturer says that its beverage will make a woman's breasts grow bigger. The company, Coconut Palm, has spent several years promoting this claim in a series of "tone-deaf" advertisements that offer no evidence to support their claims - causing many to voice their doubts.

While their 2019 pitch features big breasted women on the drink's distinctive black packaging, a 2017 ad featuring scantily clad women folicking in the ocean recommends that women "drink one can every day, [your] curves will excite people, whiter and more plump," and "drinking more coconut milk every day can make [your] breasts fuller," reports the South China Morning Post.
. . .
Our extensive research for this totally legitimate article also turned up no scientific evidence of breast-enhancing qualities linked to coconut milk.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Ski Bunnies! up and ready for action.

It's working!

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