Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Russiagate Revived

After SOTU, it seems to be building up anther head of steam. Well, well, well, Sundance at CTH, Wow – Major Scoop By Gateway Pundit Shows Documentary Evidence of Andrew Weissmann Giving “Head’s Up” to CNN for Roger Stone Arrest…
Wow. There has been a lot of articles claiming bombshell or stunning evidence to highlight the duplicitous fraud that surrounds the Robert Mueller investigation, but an article by Gateway Pundit is exactly that: A Bombshell. [Report Here]

According to their report Gateway Pundit received a letter from lawyers representing Roger Stone that contains a documentary trail, via email metadata, highlighting that Robert Mueller’s lead investigator Andrew Weissmann sent a CNN reporter a head’s up in advance of the arrest of his client Roger Stone.

The metadata outlined in the letter above is available to review at Gateway Pundit [SEE HERE]


Mr. Weissmann’s unscrupulous political Lawfare tactics have been known for quite some time. However, this could be the most jaw-dropping exhibition of corrupt DOJ scheme to date.
Is anyone really surprised? No wonder they want a gag order to prevent Stone from talking to the media. Will it stop Andrew Weissman?

OTH, Republican senator expects to have Mueller report 'within a month' and insists Congress and the public should see it – after Trump's acting AG declared Russia probe is 'close to being completed'
Senator Chuck Grassley said Tuesday that he believes Special Counsel Robert Mueller is just weeks away from finishing the report he was hired to produce, 21 months after his Russia probe began.

Radio host Hugh Hewitt asked the Iowa Republican when he expected to see the report.

'Within a month, if we see it,' Grassley responded.

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker said eight days ago that the Mueller probe was in its final stages.
I predict the Mueller investigation will still be going strong in the run up to the 2020 election. Like fusion power reactors, the Mueller report is the news fuel of future, forever.

Sundance at CTH Sunday Talks: Jim Jordan Part 2 – The Mueller Report, Bruce Ohr, and FBI/DOJ Corruption…  S. Noble at the Independent Sentinel, Bruce Ohr Met With Steele, Simpson 13 Times, Then Briefed Comey. And yet Comey still comes out with patently false statements like the Republicans funded the Steele dossier.

Full video at the first link.

John Sexton at Hot Air, Maddow Covered News On Trump Jr’s Blocked Calls But Failed To Mention The Actual News
When the news broke last week, Rachel Maddow had Rep. Adam Schiff on air that night. You’d think this would be a perfect moment to bring up the report and assess it with someone who had previously suggested it was a potentially important part of the collusion story. And Maddow did bring it up…sort of. As Caleb Howe pointed out at Mediaite yesterday, she mentioned that there was a report but never actually told her audience what it said:
“This is not MSNBC reporting and MSNBC hasn’t confirmed this, but they’re saying Senate investigators have obtained information about something that you have asked about in the past concerning Donald Trump Jr.,” began Maddow promisingly.
“In the lead up to the 2016 Trump Tower meeting during the campaign, he had made a couple of calls to blocked numbers. And you had suggested that that was one of the things that was important for your committee to figure out, whether those blocked numbers might have indicated — or might have been an indication that Mr. Trump Jr. was actually calling his father, potentially talking to Donald Trump the candidate about that Trump Tower meeting with all those Russians,” she continued even more promisingly. This would be the natural place to state what the big news was, what the reporting said. But instead…
“What do you make of this new reporting,” she said, without saying what that reporting was, “and what do you think about the importance of that incident now, overall?”
That is one of the most tortured questions I’ve ever heard. It should be taken outside and shot to put it out of its misery. Maddow is putting maximum distance between the reports and her coverage even though, as she admits, this is coming from CNN and ABC News.

And speaking of hiding the pickle:

CNN creams in it's jeans First on CNN: New York federal prosecutors seek interviews with Trump Organization executives. At this point you're nobody unless Mueller and the the persecutors from SDNY want to talk to you.

And despite all the job losses, Buzzfeed keeps pressing forward, These Secret Files Show How The Trump Moscow Talks Unfolded While Trump Heaped Praise On Putin. Learn to code! Da Mail, ‘I arranged for Ivanka to sit in Putin's private chair at his desk’: Massive cache of leaked Trump Organization emails reveals scale of plan for Trump Moscow DURING presidential campaign

The documents, released by Buzzfeed, show former Trump tower executive Sater pitching the project, lining up financing, touting contacts to Putin in 2015 and 2016, and even praising a Trump press conference clip that he suggests be sent to Putin directly.

Included in the documents are sketches of proposed huge skyscraper with 'Trump' emblazoned on it.

In one Nov. 3, 2015 email Sater touts his own access and influence by invoking Trump daughter Ivanka Trump's visit to Moscow. 'Michael I arranged for Ivanka to sit in Putins private chair at his desk and office in the Kremlin I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected,' he writes.
. . .
As the deal fell apart, Cohen warned Sater he was 'putting my job in jeopardy' and fumed about a 'bulls*** f***ing garbage invite'
ProPublica:  Confidential Memo: Company of Trump Inaugural Chair Sought to Profit From Connections to Administration, Foreigners. Really, a businessman sought profit? Whoda thunk?

As Henry Kissenger is reported to have said about the Iran-Iraq war "I hope they both lose", Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels claim against Michael Cohen (Da Peacock)
A federal judge in Los Angeles on Monday formally dismissed porn actress Stormy Daniels' defamation claim against Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former lawyer.

The civil allegation against Cohen was tossed "with prejudice," meaning that it's permanently done and Trump's one-time lawyer will "no longer face the threat of further litigation in this court or any other forum," according to the order by U.S. District Court Judge James Otero.

Daniels' legal team had previously asked Otero, back in November, to dismiss a defamation claim against the president's lawyer.

"We asked that the minor defamation claim be dismissed and it was," the actress' lawyer Michael Avenatti said.

Otero on Monday also denied Cohen's request for attorney fees.
So far, so good.

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