Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Cold Splash for Tuesday

A bit of elaboration on a story I saw on InstapunditYoung Russian ice swimmers take frigid plunges seeking health benefits and a rush
Instagram user Victoria Tsuranova shares photos and videos of herself diving into frigid water through a hole cut in the ice. She swims a few strokes, emerges and flashes a smile at the photographer capturing the moment for her 103,000 followers.

Tsuranova, a fitness blogger, is one of a new generation of Russian “Walruses,” hardy swimmers who plunge into frozen rivers and lakes throughout the winter.
To be fair to the Russians, we have this kind of weirdness here in the US too, even in the Chesapeake Bay.
These brave swimmers swear it wards off not just colds but also cellulite, as well as giving them a rush of euphoria, AFP News reports.

“After the swimming, my skin is softer than baby's skin, I can’t even describe it,” Tsuranova said in an email to AccuWeather. “And the main purpose are emotions! I feel rush, adrenaline and hormones of happiness (haven't got time to search the word in English)!” she added.

Tsuranova also said that she doesn’t remember the last time that she was sick.
No cellulite here!

A much better video here, but I con't know how to embed it. A one time stewardess from Aeroflot, Victoria also posts pictures from fairer climes.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Monday: Michelle Malkin ready and waiting for your digital pleasure.

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