Thursday, February 28, 2019

Russiagate: All Cohen All the Time

Stormy Daniels
I watched some of it yesterday. It was kind of stomach turning, but I didn't see anything we hadn't seen already. Cohen arranged payments to Stormy Daniel and Karen McDougal (NSFW) in response to their blackmail, and the SDNY and Democrats are determined call that a campaign violation, but he admits Trump never directly told him to do so. He never visited Prague (one of the pretexts for investigating the Trump campaign from the Steele Dossier). He was unaware of any collusion between between the Trump campaign and Russia, though he thinks he heard Don Jr. whisper something about the infamous meeting in Trump's ear, and he claims to have been in the office with a call on speakerphone to Roger Stone, discussing Wikileaks, long after the emails had been stolen from the DNC, and after Wikileaks was bragging about them, and threatening to release them. So nothing suggesting either Trump or Stone had anything to do with the theft and release of the emails.

Karen McDougal
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