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A Steaming Pile of Russiagate

A pretty large pile, in fact.  From New Busters, news "they" don't want you to hear, NBC Ignores Own Exclusive: Senate Probe Found No Evidence of Collusion
According to an NBC News exclusive that first aired during the 10 o’clock hour of Tuesday morning’s MSNBC Live, both Republican and Democratic sources on the Senate Intelligence Committee admitted they had not found any direct evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Despite the fact the exclusive was filed by NBC News intelligence and national security reporter Ken Dilanian, NBC Nightly News hid it from viewers. Meanwhile, ABC’s World News Tonight and the CBS Evening News also turned a blind eye.

Instead of reporting on their massive breaking news story that drove a flood of reporting by other outlets, NBC Nightly News and anchor Lester Holt chose to hype DNA tests for dogs. [UPDATE: NBC skipped its own reporting again on Today.]
 Power Line, This just in: No collusion
Dilanian labors mightily to keep hope (in “collusion”) alive. He seeks to downplay the significance of Burr’s revelation. The investigation continues. Committee Democrats are troubled, However, Dilanian quotes Burr: “There is no factual evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.” And we know that the investigation of “collusion” is premised on a hoax peddled by the Clinton presidential campaign that itself demonstrates “collusion” with Russia if taken at face value. For some reason, this aspect of the matter goes without mention by Dilanian.
Ace,  Tucker Carlson Rips Democrats, Media, and Deep State "Resistance" on Russia "Collusion" Hoax: It Was Fake. It Was Always Fake and They Knew It Was Fake.
He doesn't mention NeverTrump by name, but they should be included.

He's hot as a two-dollar pistol and it's very satisfying to watch.
(Or, if you can't watch at work, there's a transcript.)
Byron York, WaEx,  Resistance rattled by 'no collusion' talk
The "no collusion" talk set off alarm bells among those who have devoted the last two years to promoting the notion that Trump and Russia conspired in 2016. The Committee to Investigate Russia, established by actor Rob Reiner and including former intelligence chiefs James Clapper and Michael Hayden, sent out an email headlined, "No Direct Link So Far ... But So What?"

Likewise, Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe was in no mood to entertain a "no collusion" argument. "Burr is out on a limb that his non-GOP colleagues are sawing off," Tribe tweetedTuesday. "He's being a partisan. Plus his definition of 'evidence' is wildly unrealistic. Nobody ever imagined Trump saying to Putin, 'Hey, I'll lift the sanctions if you make me president.' That's not how it works."

For her part, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow seemed to take issue with her own network's reporting by tweeting out a Mother Jones story headlined, "Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats Dispute Claims That Russia Probe Found No Collusion." The story featured a quote from Warner saying, "The president is terrified about where our investigation ... may lead."
IBD, Robert Mueller Scheduled For Democrats' 'Two Minutes Of Hate'
Mueller beware. The Democrats are setting you up for what George Orwell's dystopian classic "1984" called the "Two Minutes of Hate."

In the book, that's when the totalitarian regime requires everyone, on cue, to express their rage, anger and disgust at the despised enemy.

If Mueller's report fails to show collusion between Trump and the Russians, he can expect the same treatment.
David Lurie at Da Beast whines, Trump Is Immune From Impeachment if Mueller Can’t Share His Evidence

Sundance at CTH,  Dowd Nails It – Former Trump Attorney Outlines Insufferable Behavior of Mueller and Rosenstein in Perpetrating Political Russia Hoax…
FUBAR Summary: •Rosenstein buckled under political and media pressure to create the Mueller special counsel. •AFTER the FBI originating corruption began to surface (June/July 2017) Mueller saw the ruse and understood where the investigation would be forced to head… and asked Rosenstein for the “scope memo“, in part because the investigative trail was obviously going to circle back to the FBI origination…. and that had to be avoided (politically self damaging for both Rosenstein and former FBI Director Mueller’s institution). •Addtionally, the same corrupt people who created the 2016 spygate fiasco were also comrades of Mueller (FBI) and Rosenstein (DOJ). •As a direct outcome, the Mueller/Rosenstein self-preservation approach, which included the preservation of the institutions, then became the primary focus of the investigation…. which included the need for charges against someone, anyone, including Russians (they never anticipated showing up to defend themselves, ie concord) to cloud the political fiasco they were both caught up in…. which further spurred the self-fulfilling prophecyof Mueller -originally fraudulent- investigation becoming the necessary cover as described below . . .
WaEx: Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe rips Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates in new memoir, they deserve it, but consider the source:


Jail is too good for them. Stocks and whippings.

The big news for today is that the Obama appointed Judge voids Paul Manafort plea deal, says he 'intentionally' lied to the FBI, special counsel and grand jury (CNN).
Manafort "made multiple false statements to the FBI, the OSC and the grand jury concerning matters that were material to the investigation," including his contacts with his Russian associate during the campaign and later, Judge Amy Berman Jackson wrote on Wednesday.

Jackson's ruling is another stunning turn in Mueller's efforts to uncover Russian interference in the 2016 election, as the first man the special counsel indicted then pursued as a potential cooperator for a year sees the end of any benefits he tried to gain through a guilty plea.
. . .
Manafort's lawyers have maintained that he did not intentionally lie.
I think that this was Weissman's intention from the start. Bridget Johnson, PJ Media, Manafort Plea Deal Out the Window After Judge Rules He Lied to FBI, Mueller, Grand Jury
"This order does not address the question of whether the defendant will receive credit for his acceptance of responsibility in connection with the calculation of the Sentencing Guidelines or how any other Guideline provision will apply to this case," the ruling adds. "Those issues, which depend on the consideration of a number of additional factors, will be determined at sentencing, after the Presentence Investigation Report has been completed, the parties have filed their memoranda in aid of sentencing, and the Court has heard argument."
Some triumphalism from WaPoo, Mueller just caught a fourth Trump aide lying about contact with the Russians
Kilimnik is an increasingly important figure in the Russia probe. An Aug. 2, 2016, meeting between Manafort and Kilimnik goes to the “heart” of Mueller’s probe, according to Mueller’s team in a recently released court transcript. Previous court filings indicate Manafort shared polling data with Kilimnik and discussed a pro-Russian “peace deal” for Ukraine, where Russia invaded the Crimean Peninsula in 2013.

Importantly, Mueller’s team has assessed that Kilimnik, who attended a school that produced Russian intelligence agents, continued to have ties to Russian intelligence during the 2016 campaign. It also says Kilimnik, who was born in Soviet-controlled Ukraine, is a Russian citizen.
"Assessed" is not the same as proved.  Jeff Carlson, Epoch Times, FBI Testimonies on Carter Page FISA Reveal Broken Oversight Process. Not broken; deliberately bent out of shape to the benefit of the Democrats by the Obama administration.

CNN, Justice Department investigating leak of confidential Michael Cohen bank records. I thought we had the answer to this one, and caught the lady involved, but then, these things take time. Sauce for the Goose? Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, Reporter To Jeffries: If You Can See Trump’s Tax Returns, Why Not Pelosi’s As Well?

And speaking of leaks, Roger Stone Files Motion to Force Mueller to Prove He Didn't Leak to CNN. Will it work, and did they? Probably not, and probably yes.

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