Wednesday, June 6, 2018

It was a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

But a little noisy. Yesterday, the Red-Shouldered Hawks that nest in the tree in the lot behind our house fledged their two babies, kicked 'em right out of the nest, and spent all day shepherding them around, accompanied by a great deal of squawking. In the photo on the left, one of the parents perches on a branch above one of the two fledgelings.
 Some close ups that actually came into focus.
Note, Georgia took all the hawk pictures.

In the afternoon, Trevor and I tried our luck fishing down at "Location X."

A small shower passed well to our south, where an LNG tanker is getting it's fill at the Cove Point gas dock.
Fish were abundant but small. At times we were completely surrounded by schools of breaking Stripers. Nothing made the trip home.
Today seems destined to be a repeat of yesterday. Temperatures are in the mid 60's, the humidity is tolerable, the sun is out.

The hawks are still squawking up a storm.

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