Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018 Beach Report

It was a pretty nice day for a beach walk. Sunny, temperatures in the 70s, and not humid, not a lot of wind.
Unfortunately, even low tide was very high, so we didn't have as much beach to pick through.
However, Georgia found this stunning Cow Shark tooth.

My best was this somewhat nusual Snaggletooth lower, from the side of the mouth I think, which accounts for it's unusual slant.

After lunch, I was off to the Solomon's boat ramp, to help Trevor launch and start the boat I sold him three years ago. While there were some electrical failures, (open boats don't age well in the weather), we did succeed in getting it started and ran it up and down the Patuxent River 10 miles or so.
That's a relief!

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