Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Chinese Blogger Censored for Historical Insight

A controversial love-advice blogger has been banned from China’s largest social network for saying Chinese “comfort women” possessed a “gender advantage” over men that boosted their chances of coming out of the second world war alive.

Popular online relationship guru Yang Bingyang, better known as Ayawawa, had her account on Weibo, China's version of Twitter, frozen for six months after her offline comments.

After Chinese love guru’s ‘comfort women’ gaffe, three relationship tips she gives that show how unusual her world view is Yang told participants in one of her offline “emotional training” workshops that the women used as sex slaves by the Japanese army during the war exemplified the “natural gender advantage” women possessed over men.

“Were the comfort women miserable?” she said during her workshop. “Have you thought that the men were in fact worse-off than the women? They were shot dead but the women survived.”
That's harsh. True. But harsh.
Yang, who has 3 million Weibo followers, told the workshop’s participants that during the war, these women – known as “comfort women” – survived by using their gender advantage against their male tormentors.

“You see, women have a natural gender advantage even during war,” Yang was quoted as saying in online news portal “All sorts of benefits will come your way without stop, if you play your gender advantage well.”

After Yang’s reported remarks triggered a firestorm across social media, the 35-year-old internet celebrity apologised for causing the uproar.

She pleaded that, as a relationship blogger, she was ignorant of political and military matters and promised to stop updating her Weibo account for a month.

But she later deleted the apology. She had set her account to private before she was slapped with the half-year ban shortly after noon on Tuesday for causing what Weibo called “severe adverse effects on society”.
Thanks to Ann Alhouse for introducing me to "Ayawawa" through this post: "Yang [Bingyang] has developed a panoply of pseudoscientific theories that she claims are guaranteed secrets to success in the marriage market."
Most of her advice equates happy marriages with material comfort.... Yang advises women to dress and act conservatively so that their male partners don’t feel insecure or threatened by perceived public displays of sexuality. She also says that women should not aspire toward conventionally attractive husbands... She encourages women to find themselves a man who will buy them a home and spend money on them. In her world, a man’s wealth and drive outweigh the need for him to be attractive and kind....
Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: Girls In The Desert" and "FMJRA 2.0: Desert Plains" up and running.

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