Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In Baltimore, They'd Call This Wednesday

Southern California waters that draw visitors from around the world are off-limits thanks to a multi-million-gallon sewage spill.

A buried pipe some 20 miles away in downtown Los Angeles collapsed, causing a blockage and a spill of 2.4 million gallons of raw sewage that belched stinky sludge onto streets and into storm drains.

Beaches in Long Beach and Seal Beach were closed to swimmers and waders until at least Wednesday while health officials tested the waters for bacteria to determine whether it was safe.

Crews managed to contain, divert or vacuum up at least 750,000 gallons after the Monday spill, but the rest flowed into the Los Angeles River, and some may have reached the Pacific Ocean, officials said.
Not just any Wednesday, but any Wednesday after a big storm, like yesterday. Unfortunately, Baltimore Harbor is a lot smaller and more poorly flushed than the Pacific Ocean.

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