Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Clinton.com Report for 7/12/16

Comey Ran True to Form: The FBI director let Hillary Clinton off, making the safe call—no big surprise there.
When President Obama in 2013 named James Comey to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the president must have sensed that he had picked someone who could be trusted to have his back, even if Mr. Comey had served in the George W. Bush administration. This week, Mr. Obama’s bet paid off when the G-man let Hillary Clinton skate.

Not that Mr. Comey had an explicit understanding with the White House. It’s just that Mr. Obama and his savvy political team must have known from the start that Mr. Comey was no John Adams.

Not the Adams of Founding Father fame, but John Adams when he was a younger man, who in 1770 agreed to defend British soldiers accused of massacring Boston colonists. The legal task was so unpopular, so dangerous, that nobody else would do it. Yet Adams believed that the law trumped politics, and that the men deserved a fair trial. In taking the case, he risked both his economic and political future. He took it anyway. . . 
I assume you know how to access WSJ through the paywall; doesn't everyone? Anyway, read the whole thing. And this one too: The power of lawlessness
Hillary’s skipping away from yet another scandal that would have destroyed any other politician except her equally Teflon husband is in line with Clinton family tradition. Set aside for a moment the millions in foreign dollars flowing into the $2 billion Clinton Foundation. While president, Bill Clinton seduced a young intern and got away with it, famously saying that his answer under oath depended on “what the meaning of is, is.”

The role model in chief’s insistence that his form of adultery was no big deal sent a green light to young people to engage in similar behavior without moral restraint. The physical consequences of that revolution in sexual ethics are still unfolding in sad visits to doctor’s offices across the land.
Judge tells Hillary Clinton she has until TUESDAY to explain why she shouldn't have to testify in federal case about Huma Abedin's double-dipping job arrangement Actually, she was triple-dipping, with jobs at the State Dept, the Clinton Foundation, and Teneo simultaneously, while raising a young child and waiting hand and food on Hillary. This should be amusing.
At the heart of the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit is Abedin's double-dipping job arrangement.

In the spring of 2012, Abedin went from being Clinton's deputy chief of staff at the State Department to a senior advisor role, a job with a 'special government employee' status that allowed Abedin to bring in outside income as well.

The longtime Clinton aide, who now serves as the likely Democratic nominee's vice chairwoman of the campaign, then worked for the Clinton-affiliated global consulting firm Teneo. Abedin also did work for the Clinton Foundation.
And speaking of Huma and the rest of the Clinton gang: Time to Strip Team Hillary of Its Security Clearances -- Forever
. . . Why stop there? Comey all but begged the State Department, the White House, Congress, and the Cleveland Cavaliers to punish her blatant malfeasance in setting up a private email server and using it in deliberate defiance of the law. But you don't have to pass a background check to be elected president; the Democrats have counted on that in putting forward both Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama (whose drug use would have disqualified them both) and thus gaining unlimited access to national-security secrets -- including the power to determine the classifications themselves
. . .
UPDATE: Two congressmen have introduced a bill today that would strip Mrs. Clinton of her security clearances: . . .
Protecting his job for the future, Intelligence director won’t deny Clinton classified briefings

Flashback: When Hillary was totally into protecting sensitive material during the Chelsea Manning case
In December 2011, Chelsea Manning’s court-martial was set to begin. None of the documents at issue in that prosecution was “top secret,” unlike the documents found on Hillary Clinton’s server. Nonetheless, the then-secretary of state convened a press conference to denounce Manning and defend the prosecution.
Just a reminder that the Clinton Foundation, at its heart, is a influence peddling money laundering scheme: Canadian affiliate charity of Clinton Foundation defends expenses
A Canadian affiliate of the Clinton Foundation that has raised millions from mining executives has spent far more on salaries and administrative costs than charitable programming in the two most recent years for which numbers are available, according to financial statements from the Canada Revenue Agency.

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), a registered charity based in Vancouver, B.C., devoted $737,441 — amounting to 78 per cent of its expenditures — to management and administration in 2014. The amount includes spending on office supplies and expenses, salaries and professional and consulting fees.

That same year, according to the return filed to the Canada Revenue Agency and published online, the organization devoted $205,419 to charitable programs, accounting for 22 per cent of its expenditures.
Remember, Huma was also being paid by the Clinton Foundation while being a State Dept. employee. And I don't want to hear Hillary bitch about anyone else's carbon footprint, when Bill had a speaking engagement in which he had the funding schools (in California, natch) pay for a private jet to fly him 70 miles down the road. No wonder college is so expensive that Hillary wants to give it away for free: Clinton's free tuition scheme will backfire. The cheaper something becomes, the less value it has.

Two-faced Leadership: Hillary says ‘we must not vilify police officers’ hours after she vilifies police officers. But she can hold enough contradicting positions that Bernie’s endorsing Hillary tomorrow. We'll see.

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