Saturday, July 9, 2016

GOP Lawmaker Proposes Carbon Sparing Law

GOP Lawmaker Pushes Bill BANNING EPA Officials From Airline Travel
North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson put forward an amendment barring “funds made available by this Act may be used may be used to pay the costs of any officer or employee of the [EPA] for official travel by airplane.”

As noted by Bloomberg reporter Anthony Adragna, it would basically make it so no EPA employee could fly on an airplane — unless of course they paid for it themselves.

The amendment is likely an effort to get EPA officials to practice what they preach. Republicans have criticized top EPA officials for logging thousands of air travel miles while issuing regulations on how much carbon dioxide can be emitted by power plants, cars and other sources.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and the head of EPA’s clean air office Janet McCabe both said they travel home from Washington, D.C. on weekends to visit their families. McCarthy regularly goes to Boston, Massachusetts, and McCabe heads out to Indianapolis, Indiana on weekends.

McCabe has also spent a lot of time travelling around the country promoting the agency’s so-called Clean Power Plan — a set of rules aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.
I would also add legislation to shut off the air conditioning in EPA offices.

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