Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to Drink Beer at Work

Now, your “research” can be more than just a hobby. It could be a full-time job (that pays $64,650 plus benefits, not less!).

This is according to a job listing recently posted by the Smithsonian, which is looking for a “historian/scholar” for the American Brewing History Institute.

Whoever is hired will provide “archival and field research” on American brewing history, with a special emphasis on craft beer. The job description also mentions traveling.

Before you immediately quit your job to pursue your passion for “research,” it’s worth mentioning the listing says qualified candidates must have ”experience in scholarly research” as well as writing for scholarly and general audiences. The Smithsonian also wants candidates with an advanced degree in American business, brewing, food, cultural or similar specialization within history.

The application deadline is Aug. 10. And something tells us the folks at the Smithsonian will have no shortage of applicants who want to “research” craft beer.
A friend of mine who still works for the Smithsonian is thinking of applying for this position. Travelling, finding and drinking beer. What a gig. I expect they want to write something once in a while, and talk about it, though. But she's a decent writer and an enthusiastic beer drinker, so I hope she gets it.

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