Friday, May 1, 2015

Wombat's Friday Feed

Straight from "Live at Five: 05.01.15"

It’s May Day. Don’t forget to wear your blue shirts. - And plant a flower for the millions of victims of international communism.

Nepal Earthquake Toll Tops 6100 - But we didn't really need more proof that poverty and bad government kill.

When "Break a Leg" seems a bit inappropriate. The Show Won’t Go On - Britney falls on stage, cancels show.

Scant Details On Gray Death As Protests Continue, “Many…finding it hard to be patient” - See my big post before this one. Lot's of change today. Police charged, but will it stop the unrest?

Sanders Takes On “Billionaire Class” In Launching Presidential Bid, Stark contrast with Hillary Clinton - At least with Sanders you know you're getting an overt socialist. Hillary would be very comfortable filling in Putins shoes.

Courtney Stodden Offered $1 Million For Sex Tape - Pretty good money for a tape they allege they already have. Sex tapes are so 2000's.

Blacks, Hispanics Reject Obama Climate Change Agenda - They see competition for government resources. And they correctly perceive that the "green jobs" are unicorn farts.

DHS Deputy Secretary Doesn’t Remember Democrats Seeking Visa Favors, Just Republicans - But the records show otherwise. Too late for a hard drive crash.

In more news on Demi: Demi Lovato’s Gynecologist Asked For An Autograph - Just want to touch the hand that touched the . . . I don't get it.

IRS Still Targeting TEA Party Groups - Of course. They really have no shame. Time for a total cleaning at the IRS, and imposition of much tighter controls. A less offensive tax system would also make the discrimination more difficult.

Taylor Swift Phones Young Fan Battling Cancer - She seems like a relatively "normal" person for a star. Maybe it's all an act, but if it is, it's a good one.

Blake Lively Wants To Go To Harvard Business School - What's stopping her?

British Gurkhas Return Home To Aid Recovery - I thought their strong suit was killing people and breaking things?

US Navy Begins To Escort US-Flagged Ships In Straits Of Hormuz - But is that enough after Obama caved on the Marshall Islands flagged ship being seized? See Ace's "Obama Has Given Up On Guaranteeing Free Traverse of the Seas"
The seizing of the Maersk Tigris wasn't just an act of piracy; it was a declaration of a new order on the seas, and Obama has, as usual, bowed to a foreign potentate.
Bloggy Stuff:

EBL: #BaltimoreRiots - Leftists protesting the outcomes of their own policies.
American Thinker: Democrat-Run Baltimore Is A Gangsters’ Paradise - It's nobody's "paradise". It's the hell leftists intend for all of us.
BLACKFIVE: Stop The Iran Bomb And Signing Bonus - Green glass. . .
Conservatives4Palin: Why Americans Don’t Want To Soak The Rich - Because they have a realistic chance of becoming one.
Don Surber: Bernie Sanders Brings Wealth Of 19th Century Ideas To Democratic Political Sweepstakes - At least he's not a criminal like Clinton or O'Malley. Just a wanna be petty tyrant.
Joe For America: Obama Puts Lawyer In Charge of Immigration Who Has No Immigration Experience. Bonus – She’s From EPA - Administrators are replaceable cogs, as long as their politics are correct.
The Gateway Pundit: HARD TRUTH – More Law Enforcement Officers Killed Each Year Than Young Black Men By White Cops - Like statistics matter.
This Ain’t Hell: 40 Years Ago Today - We left Viet Nam to die.
Weasel Zippers: Hillary’s Position On Indian Nuke Deal Changed After Influx Of Donations - Pro quo
Megan McArdle: Riots Just Don’t Work - I guess that depends on what you want to accomplish, doesn't it? Cloward-Piven . . .

Wombat-socho is celebrating Rule 5 Sunday with "Rule 5 Monday: Lt. Commander Rand, RIP" at the other McCain.

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