Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Do Fat Chicks, Feminist and Communists Have in Common?

You might think that by now everybody understands feminism is an ideology of man-hating Marxist lesbian baby-killers.

God knows, I’ve explained this often enough, but apparently not everyone reads my blog, and so a Swarthmore University sophomore was shocked to encounter the truth at a campus event last week:
Fat Justice and Feminism Nicole Sullivan and Cora Segal, two Boston-based feminist organizers, will lead a workshop on fat justice, which is a political stance that seeks to address the ongoing exploitation and oppression of fat people. From the war on obesity to the rise of deadly bariatric surgery, there is an unprecedented attack on fat bodies. This workshop seeks to map out the focal points of this oppression, while delving into the complex history of white supremacy and misogyny that created it. We will set forth an analysis and call to action to make fat justice a priority in women’s movements.
Refreshments provided.
Funded by the Women’s Resource Center, Dean Henry, History Department, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Interpretation Theory, and Worth Health Center.
“Refreshments provided.” (Insert punch line here.)

Any student of Marxist theory must recognize that wherever you encounter “exploitation and oppression” discussed in the context of a “complex history” in pursuit of “justice,” the “organizers” are going to be Bolshevik comrades, no matter what the ostensible topic of their “analysis” may be. Where’s Joe McCarthy now that we really need him?
Which comes first: the Marxism, the lesbianism or the fatness?

Willey was too polite to mention it, but a writer who attended a previous “Fat Justice” seminar in Boston last fall noted that both Segal and Sullivan admit they are “what American doctors would consider to be overweight.” And there’s this from Willey: “Sullivan self-identified as an ‘angry, man-hating lesbian’.”
I'll spare you Stacy's other illustration.

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