Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Has Sprung at the Beach

At least for now.  We finally got a chance to get down to the beach around 3 PM, by which point the temperature was up to 60 F, with a nice blue sky, and a bit of breeze.
The tide was dead high, and fossil hunting slow, but I did luck into this top-shelf Snaggletooth. It was sitting at the edge of the surf; I was going to take a picture in situ, but a wave pushed it up the beach and buried it at that moment, and I thought I better settle for a "in the hand" photo.
 Otherwise, only a few more tiny teeth
The Navy (most likely) did a fly by.

No Ospreys or Eagles anywhere in sight today, bu the Buffleheads are still in the harbor mouth, along with this little Grebe (probably a Horned Grebe).

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